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Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
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Aug 16, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: just-amazing, dystopian
Read on August 16, 2012

Surprisingly not bad. I thought that with 14-16 characters, I would forget the names and some characters wouldn't be included as much as others, but by the end of the book, I knew all the names, and all of them had their special skills and were included in the book.

The plot line was very original. A hail storm, killing millions of people and cutting of 14 children in a mall. The youngest are in kindergarten/first grade and the oldest, a senior in high school. One of them can't speak English, one is SUPER DUPER religious, one is a snobby spoiled brat, an eighth grader who acts like a high schooler, a tech genius, two 5-year old twins, a little boy who knows way too much for his age, two high school football players, a boy scout, the girl all guys want to date, a average high school girl, and the guy who's always in the shadow.

See that there? I remembered all 14 of them.

It was really interesting to read about how these kids survived in a mall without being able to use the bathrooms, get out of the mall, and have people they never knew in their lives as company.

I loved how the author came up with the whole chemical effecting the blood types. Like people with the blood type O, went crazy, blood type B, were unaffected, etc.

Robbie and Mr. A. Okay, I have to admit I thought Robbie was a good guy and that Niko was over reacting with the whole "I want him to leave!" but after what he did to Sahalia... Yeah, GO JOSIE.

And Jake, Brayden, and Astrid. I had mixed feelings about them. I mean, at first I thought "Okay, so Jake and Astrid are like realizing whats happening and are going to help while Brayden's going to be a jerk." But then later on after Astrid disappeared, and Jake got like drunk 24/7 and Brayden started to help out more and become less of a bully, I was like "Oh-k, this is kinda weird."

The ending. +DRAMATIC MUSIC+ Five of them, left in the mall and the rest minus Jake heading off to Denver. A little mixed feelings. Cause I want them to stay together! They're like FAMILY. I mean I get that they need to get Brayden help, but seriously.

I guess, I'll have to satisfy my curiosity in the next book. +sigh+ Which means one more year of waiting.

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