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Eternal Beast by Laura Wright
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Aug 16, 2012

Read on November 04, 2012

Eternal Beast is Laura’s 4th book in the Mark of the Vampire series… well 5th if you count an ebook novella! This series is about Vampires, Impures ( ½ vampire ½ human) and just recently we were even introduced to Vampire Shape Shifters, who are called Mutore. All are ruled by a strict and in some cases evil body of ancient vampires called The Order. This book is about Gray Donahue, an impure who only recently found out that he wasn’t fully human. He has become the leader of the Resistance and they are fighting against the Order for freedom. He was burned severely on his hands as a child in a house fire and spent most of his life until recently in a catatonic state in a mental ward.

Confused yet? Let’s add a little more! Dillon is a mutore, who was beaten severely by her former employer, a U.S. Senator who is under the control of the Order. When this beating happened, she shifted to her animal form, a jaguar, and lost the ability to change back and forth at will. It seems the only thing that can shift her back to her natural vampire (human like) state is the touch of Gray’s fire ravaged hands. The problem? Dillon’s first instinct is to run from emotions, not stay and fight, and Gray’s war was not hers…or was it?

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