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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
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Oct 27, 2016

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy-and-sci-fi, book-club-read
Read from March 26 to April 06, 2012

Book club pick for April 2012

I was expecting a lot from this book. I love sci fi, and it's always on The Best Sci Fi EVUH lists, it's called a classic, people just rave about it. I don't understand why. This is a story about a child, from a child's POV, written by a teenager (well, he was 16 when he started it - I suppose he was an adult when he finished it). That means he really NAILS it from the child's POV. Really. But it also means that the adults are two-dimensional, unrealistic, and the story is basically just a child's fantasy. "School is so hard, the teachers are so mean to me, no one helps me, but I'll show them, I'm the smartest kid EVER!" That's fine, it is really a good story, it's well-written, but it's hardly "classic" material. Ender is the biggest Mary Sue going (can I still call him a Mary Sue if he's a boy? Is he a "Mark Sue" in this case?)

There are some mentions of religion and how it's suppressed by the government, and I suspect that I'm supposed to be horrified by these scenes, but I'm not, I think a world without religion would be awesome.

I had read in the past about a certain amount of homophobia on the part of Mr Card (Mr Scott Card?), and how it shows up in this book and mars it to an extent, but I have not found any at all. Perhaps it shows up in sequels.

I was holding out hope that the ending would redeem this book, but, sadly, no. The book moved rather slowly for most of it, the majority of the book spanning 3 years in Ender's life. That in itself is not a complaint. But then suddenly in the last chapter or two, we jump ahead many years. THIS happens and THAT happens and THIS awesome thing happens and THAT awesome thing happens and ENDER IS JUST SO FUCKING AWESOME. Holy Irregular Pacing, Batman! It felt like the author just had to wrap things up all of a sudden, like he was up against a deadline and had to finish the book, but couldn't bear to leave out any of the awesomeness that is AwesomeEnder.

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