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Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
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Aug 16, 12

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Read in August, 2012

Over education has it's downside. I really wanted to enjoy the book and I'm fully aware that it's a fantasy & Sci-fi and it's not a based on real life stories. BUT saying that, the bad science behind the book just made me cringe.
Please ignore my review since it's just a random rant of a science person.
I got this book since it was on special at a bookstore and my first impression of the book was good. I love the drawing, the concepts, the steam punk theme and the war time actions. I didn't know it was a part of a series but it was easy enough to follow.
Here are some things I really didn't like about the book. (I just can't get over it whether it's a fantasy or not! But books are meant to draw you in until you feel like it's real life right?)
I hated how they misused the theory of evolution and it's founder Darwin, when whatever they're doing to create these creatures are FAR from the concepts of evolution.
Disregarding the whole evolution theme, they make it seem like it's a child's game to create designer creatures. It's really not! In fact, it's only a recent revolutionary progress that we have made pigs with human organs. They haven't even decoded the human genome back then! How did they find out which DNA to mix with what? If the author thought of silly things like, "oh they can cross-breed a bear with a rhinoceros to get XXX right?" then he can just stuff it in this pocket.
I also hated the big concepts behind animal like machines in Istanbul.
Has the author seriously had a thought about the practicality of a donkey shaped machine, compared to a simple motor that can go forward? Or how difficult it is to make a machine which walks on 2 legs like in starcraft and why we don't do it? He didn't even at least ponder the cost of resources and how making so many machines will increase the price in metals dramatically enough to make the commoners not have enough money to buy metal donkeys or giant shadow machines! It's not even just the crankers who need more money, but these Darwinists also need a LOT to feed all those animals because unlike what the Darwinists like to think, they're NOT still living in harmony with the "web of life". They don't respect it at all! Not especially when they create a barnacles that can destroy a whole ecosystem. (By the way, metals don't just melt when they react with acids) The increase in acidity of waters are known to effect the marine life negatively ( Remember how we introduced rabbits to Australia for food and fur and the population of rabbits exploded making them into pests? Creating new creature with a different feeding system affects the ecosystem in one way or the other.
I wish they didn't base it on world war 1 which actually happened on this universe. It just makes me compare things like the physics and science in this world with the physic in that world.

Anyways ignore my rant because the story line is great and it's a really engaging book.

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