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The Changeling Bride (Timeswept) by Lisa Cach
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When I picked this up I was kinda curious... I don't usually read the fantasy-romance. I have never picked up a romance containing vampires, aliens, ghosts or time travel. I did read Jude Deveraux's Wishes and wasn't too fond of it. But I have to say that this book was better than I was expecting.

The heroine gets thrown back in time to marry an earl. Needless to say, she is constantly worrying about how to handle certain bodily functions, i.e. 'Where to go to the bathroom?' and 'what the hell do I do when I get my period?' At first I was a little discomforted by this. Normally someone talking about peeing in a pot takes my mind off the whole Romance aspect of the story. but I can't really hold it against the author, if I were thrust back in time I would definitely not know where to take a piss.

There was, however, a severe lack of relationship between the hero and heroine. She is just constantly thinking that she will get to go home and he is just thinking that this bitch be crazy. When they finally admit that they had feelings for each other, I was kind of like...What the hell? Where did this come from? SHeesh.

There were a lot of problems left unreconciled by the end, and I was kinda disappointed to not see their conclusions..

Overall though,I am not sorry I read this book. It was very enjoyable.
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