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The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
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Aug 15, 12

did not like it
bookshelves: one-star, disappointing

** spoiler alert ** When I first found this book and look at it's awesome cover and read the really promising summary, I was really excited - fist-pumping kind of excited.

And then I read it.
Or... tried to, at least.

Really, I'm upset with how much this book disappointed me. I was looking forward to it so much! It seemed like it was going to be a really good read. Maybe not the most original concept, but still promising. The excerpt seemed good enough, too.
I went into this book expecting a really good story and just found myself... well, disappointed.

Why I Didn't Like It (At All):
- The characters. All of the characters. Truthfully, I didn't find a single character who seemed well developed enough for me to even consider liking. None of their personalities were definite or unique, they all seemed to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and a range of diseases that caused them to go from perfectly amiable to straight-up psychotic within a matter of sentences! This especially applies to the ever-bipolar Gadya. She alone had enough personality changes within the matter of chapters to get her installed as a full-time patient in fifty different insane asylums! That's how much personal care I think she would need in order to be, well... sane. And what bothers me even more about this point is that not once do any of the characters seem to point out her radical mood swings! I mean, really. That chick needs to get a grip. She's like a time bomb that keeps going off and then refueling and then going off again. It's a vicious cycle, my friends. Also, Alenna just... bothered me. A lot. She was pretty bipolar to, come to think of it... just not in such a violent way as Gadya. There's not much more I can say about her, as she was probably one of the most boring main characters I've ever read. There was nothing to her. She had no depth and rarely though anything of any importance to anyone.

- The lovey-dovey shtuffs. The romance was completely unnecessary, in my opinion. Frankly, I think the book would have been significantly better without it. I feel like the book slowly declined from the beginning to the end all due to the romance between Liam and Alenna. First few pages were good... then she saw Liam on the screen and, Woah, guys, instant connection. No. Freaking. Way. Then she didn't really think about him again until the GPPS... and then she was on the island and suddenly couldn't stop thinking about him. Shocker. Then she finally meets him... and is warned by Gadya that he's no good... even though that fact is never proven at all... in the entire book... actually, he seemed pretty alright to me... aside from the fact that he pretty much attacked Alenna's face after knowing her for, like... three days. And then Alenna's like... ew, no! What are you doing? I told Gadya I wouldn't be with you! And then she forgives him... and then can't stop thinking of him. Gurl, you messed up. He just face-raped you! And then there's angst (but not really) and she kisses him, the moron. After saying, "Dude, no. We're friends." And then they end up being in love... and they've known one another for a month at the most. Just... ugh. It was so forced and unnecessary and I realize that I'm just ranting uncontrollably but.... I just don't understand how this book was published. I just don't.

- The plot that wasn't really a plot... but was just kind of... there... So, I think the main plot of this book was supposed to be Alenna and the group going to the Gray Zone... which happened... but didn't seem like it was that important of a thing to them. I can't really explain this. Gimme a sec. So, the group sets off for the Gray Zone, which is something that they planned to do at about the middle of the book, but this is kind of the main plot. The problem is... the plot is overshadowed by... everything. Everything meaning the romance, the poorly developed characters, the choppy dialogue, etc., etc. I have no doubt that with a lot more work this book could have been really good, which makes me upset. The writing and story-building was just so sloppy that it ruined what could have been a good read... with a hell of a lot of editing... and revising... and rewriting.

I'm not going to go into much more because I feel like I've ranted enough... and I can tell my thoughts are getting really incomplete, so I'm going to wrap this up.

I was deeply disappointed by this book. What could have been a great story was ruined by too many factors to make it acceptable. This is really one of the first books that I've wholeheartedly wanted to give one star to, which is upsetting because, as I keep saying, it could have been good.
All-in-all, this book was a waste of my time...
Feel free to give it a go yourself, and if you like it, well, maybe you just saw more in it than I did. If you hate it, I warned you.
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