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The Girl Who Was on Fire by Leah Wilson
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Aug 27, 12

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Read from August 15 to 27, 2012

The Girl Who Was on Fire is such a good book to refresh my memory and really, seriously take my love for The Hunger Games Series to the next level. Having read the trilogy before all the hype about the movie and before there was even news there was going to be a movie, the beauty of the series stayed but then of course, I also read great books after that but this in a way rekindled by passion for the trilogy.

My feelings about reading the trilogy and The Girl Who Was on Fire can be expressed with a quote Peeta said.

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I really really wish I could freeze that moment when I'm reading the trilogy and that immense satisfaction it brings me is just truly priceless.

I quite understand why many people would not really like The Girl Who Was on Fire after all, it is not a novel but a collection of essays. Yes. Essays can be darn boring to read. But having lived with writing and analyzing and reading and studying essays for the past school year and even the current year because of my English Literature subject I'm pretty much comfortable with literary essays.

It took me longer to finish this book not because it was utterly dull or whatsoever, but because one cannot read this book in just one sitting. There's a lot of information to digest. And even if some tends to point out the same point over and over again, it feels like you're discovering something so secret in the world of The Hunger Games when it was there all along anyway. It's like just there in the surface and you didn't even knew it was there and thanks to this book, you have discovered it. It's like the feeling of reading the trilogy for the first time. And I tell you, the feeling is so satisfactory.

I love all the essays. Really. It goes into depth to analyze everything in the world of THG. The science, the politics, the fashion, the characters, the games itself, the love, the survival, just everything. And it's just so so so good.

Of course, everything that is discussed here is something we all know as readers and fans of the trilogy, but actually seeing it being said (written actually) is like discovering such a profound story. Things that were there but only now is it all clear to us.

I especially love the essay about fashion. I know I know, maybe not such a good choice to favorite. But then, readers did love the dresses that Katniss wore yes? But the idea that fashion is also something that spark the rebellion has always been there but not really acknowledge and now it has. I love the line, "Katniss is the fire, but Cinna is the torch. And it made me love Cinna more.

And of course, the obvious of the obvious. Gale and Peeta. Even these authors themselves, expressed their feelings as to why Peeta really is the perfect one for Katniss. And he is. I'm not going to contradict that. I love them both, Gale and Peeta. I do. But if I have to choose I'll always always go for Gale. And the issue as to why our dear Katniss won't ever choose Gale is also explored. And yes, I agree with them. There were so many times that they tried to change my mind about Gale but in the end, I stand by my choice. It is always Gale. But I'll like to clear that I also love Peeta.

Though we think we know everything there is to know about our kick-ass heroine, Katniss. Well, we don't. Here, I was able to get such a good perception on who Katniss really is. And again, the feeling is like a profound discovery. Katniss is really the girl on fire. One and only.

There's a lot of things to say you know. But I don't want to make this seem like an essay too. And well, they have already explored everything there is to say. Likewise, these essays are just proof that The Hunger Games Trilogy is not just any kind of book, that it's worth analyzing, that it's profound and extraordinary and worthy for authors to even write essays about it.

P.S. It's amazing how Miss Collins has written the ending. It's both happy and sad. And I feel that that ending of ending is truly truly magnificent.

And Miss Collins creates a perfect representation of us in her trilogy. The viewers of the games enjoy or anticipate the tributes suffering and death. Violence is something they indulge in (not all, but a majority). We, as readers enjoy reading the trilogy where we also get to witness violence, loss, suffering and death. Does it make us any different? I'm not saying we're cruel because we read, my point is Miss Collins created such a perfect mirror to showcase the reality of life. Once again, contributing to the reality vs. illusion idea and stating the realistic aspect of the evils of society and that perhaps is what makes the trilogy incredible and superb.

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Quotes Jianne Liked

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“I'm not Team Gale or Team Peeta. I'm Team Katniss...the core story in the Hunger Games trilogy has less to do with who Katniss ends up with and more to do with who she is - because sometimes, in books and in life, it's not about the romance.

Sometimes, it's about the girl.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“Firecracker Gale and dandelion Peeta are so different from each other that it's easy to imagine that a girl who would choose Gale is a completely different person than one who would choose Peeta. When people sit around debating who Katniss should choose, maybe what they're really debating actually is her identity - and the romance is just a proxy for that big, hard question about the ever-changing, unaware girl on fire.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy

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