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Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbøl
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Sep 02, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from August 22 to September 30, 2012 — I own a copy


Caution: This book with infect you with the need for more Nina Borg!

Invisible Murder is an intense look into the treatment of illegal immigrants, mainly Hungarian gypsies, and PET's counter-terrorism officials struggle to keep black market weapon traders from successfully selling items that threaten the Danish national security. Of course, large-hearted nurse Nina Borg is back, getting herself involved in life-threatening situations while treating the illegals denied medical access elsewhere. Kaaberbol and Friis introduce the reader to a very empathetic victim-of-circumstance, Sandor Horvath, a law-student discriminated against because of his gypsy heritage and association with his renegade half-brother Tamas. When Tamas discovers a valuable weapon that can be sold on the back market, he initiates a strings of events that leave all of the characters at risk of imminent danger. To read through Invisible murder is to be transported to the challenges of a nation divided by racism and nationalism.

I was not an immediate fan of the Nina Borg series, but after reading Invisible Murder, I will now recommend it whole-heartedly. The tension was almost unbearable, and it ran like an electric (or radio-active) current throughout the book. It continued seamlessly from the problematic scenario presented at the end of this first in this series, drawing readers back into the troubled lives of refugees Natasha and her daughter Rina. There wasn't a "getting-to-know you" period in this book; it took off like a bullet from the very beginning and didn't stop until the reader was hit with the entirety of the disturbing plot.

No spoilers here. Mark the calender with the date of release for Invisible Murder: October 12, 2012. In the meantime, if you haven't read The Boy in the Suitcase, grab it up now and read it before you dive into Invisible Murder. The back-story isn't necessarily essential but it will certainly provide a more psychologically-full reading of the characters in this book. I would recommend starting with The Boy in the Suitcase, but most certainly follow up your reading with Invisible Murder - as I thought this sequel was better than the first.

Thank you again to authors Lene Kaaberbol and Agnes Friis as well as Soho Crime publishers for this GoodRead First Reads win. I am thankful that I was introduced to Nina Borg, and I'll be certain to follow up on her exploits in the future.
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Reading Progress

08/22 "*EEK* My very first "very" Advanced Reader's Copy! Thank you to Soho Press, Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis. As a geek, this is the thrilling stuff that dreams are made of - ARCs! It doesn't hit the shelves until October, so I'm feeling pretty fortune and grateful to get this opportunity to be an early reader."
08/23 page 30
8.52% "This book is so easy to lose yourself in immediately. If I hadn't worked for fourteen hours, I would read more right now and forego much needed sleep. Seeing as I'm so tired my eyes are blurring, I cannot continue. Picks right up from the ending of The Boy in the Suitcase - instant gratification! Can't wait to dive back in tomorrow."
08/27 page 48
13.64% "I hate when life events interrupt my reading schedule. Funerals, first day of school preparation - for both myself and my school at work, little brother relocating and moving-in, oy! I'm desperately looking forward to reading tonight. Things are moving much too fast for my comfort."
08/27 page 96
27.27% "Sweet relief. Reading tonight was like taking a breath of fresh air. I love following Sandor's storyline. He's so empathetic. My heart hurts that he's been dragged into his brother's wrongdoings. As far as Nina and her teenage daughter...I can't say I blame Ida for the 'tude. Nina just may have earned this angst, Nina's heroics in Boy in the Suitcase aside."
08/28 page 132
38.0% "It was only a matter of time before Nina broke the "Big, Important Deal" with Morten. This book is so engrossing. Radiation poisoning is my guess but I'm no nurse. Holy cow, this read has got my attention. So good. So much better than the first (and the first was decent). We are approaching five star territory here, my friends. Stay tuned."
08/29 page 180
51.0% "I was almost late coming back from my lunch break because I couldn't pull myself away from this book. Whoops."
08/31 page 259
74.0% "This novel is so suspenseful and it has been a joy and pleasure to read so far. Unfortunately, there was no camping to be had as my pappy is in intensive care and not doing well after a stroke, subsequent falls and extensive head injuries with internal bleeding to the brain. Maybe not so much reading will occur after all. Le sigh."
09/01 page 352
100.0% "Just now finished. So great. I sincerely hope there is a third on the horizon because you can bet I'll run to read it as soon as it is released. The review will be posted tomorrow as soon as all my work for grad classes are wrapped up. The first week has been challenging, especially wih my full time job's first week of school and my grandfather's illness occupying my thoughts. This book helped me to escape it all."
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message 1: by Vicki Renee (new) - added it

Vicki Renee Yes, Anna Janelle, I agree with you completely and what a great synopsis of the story! I just finished the book last night and am puzzled about something: when Soren is questioning Mrs. Skou-Larsen about the radioactive substance and she denies that she had any intention of blowing up the mosque, Soren realized "that would explain why they hadn't found any trace of explosives...around the cultural center." But isn't that where Tommi,Frederick, Nora and Sandor were? At the mosque/construction site? They were trying to put the stuff in the hot water tank in the men's bathroom right? (pp 234 & 235). And wasn't that what the text to Frederick said to do? I'm confused! Are the mosque and construction site two different places? Thanks for any help you can give me! Vicki

message 2: by Vicki Renee (new) - added it

Vicki Renee Oh! Another question: who was that in the air vent that fell down? The buyer? I thought Mrs. Skou-Larsen was the buyer?

Anna Janelle Thanks for the compliment on the review Vicki. I read this one over a year ago, so I'll need to hunt down my copy and check out the ending again. I know that I had confusion too - it all happened so fast and all at once - and I'm sure that my racing through to get to the end didn't help. I believe that the mosque/construction site are the same. If I remember correctly, Mrs. Skou-Larsen was greatly opposed to the presence of the mosque and was trying to poison the future visitors to ward off others. Again, I could be wrong here - my memory isn't the best with 40 or so books and 8-10 months in the way of my reading :) I'll hunt it out of storage and find out anything I can for you though!

message 4: by Vicki Renee (new) - added it

Vicki Renee Thanks it was REALLLY confusing especially since the cops are saying there was "no evidence at" of any bomb-making materials at the construction site. And clearly that is not correct!

So take your time digging it out, but I hope you do so we can solve this mystery!

Have a good Mem Day weekend!

message 5: by Vicki Renee (new) - added it

Vicki Renee Anna Janelle! I re-read, carefully, the last few pages and I have the answers to my own questions!

It WAS Mrs. Skou-Larsen who fell out of the air vent. She was there to meet them, hence the money package that was taped to her haz-mat vest. The detective was in the hospital interviewing her with the IV in her. There were no "explosives found" because she wasn't interested in making a dirty bomb...just making sure the cessium was in the men's bathroom, hidden in the water tank closet, so they would be sterilized. Remember she was shot and Sandor saw the "red stain" across her chest? She had an oxygen tube in the hospital room. Soren was the detective who questioned her in the hospital. I guess she disguised her voice while talking to Tommi cuz he referred to the caller as a "he" several times.

Anna Janelle Great detective work! Now that you write that, it's all coming back to me. What a crazy, unexpected ending, right?

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