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Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
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Aug 01, 2007

really liked it

Tom Robbins is, to me, like the band Rush (I know this seems like I'm trying too hard, but honestly, this is the best analogy I can come up with & this is legitmately the first thing that came to mind): You like them ok, and even get a bit excited when they come up on the radio, but when you're grabbing CDs for your car, your copy of "Moving Pictures" somehow never quite makes the cut. That's how it is with me and Tom Robbins. Well written? Check. Interesting characters? Check. Unique? Double check. Glad I read the book? Check...But somehow this is all never enough to get me to grab his next book off the shelf. Robbins is one of my wife's favorite authors, and I can see why, but somehow his work just doesn't grab me on a long-term basis. Still though - great book. If you want something a bit unique & haven't read his stuff yet, give this a try. Unlike me, you'll probably want more.
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message 1: by Blair (new)

Blair Though, you may want to use the example of "Grace Under Pressure" versus "Moving Pictures." I love the analogy.

Scott Thanks. I please to aim.

Sarah Obsesses over Books & Cookies ok i thought Rushe was this 80's band that was for nerds only. And even though both those statements are true after watching the ducumentary Beyond the Lighted Stage I have come to understand them and actually listen to a few of their albums (albeit not the one with all the weird 22 min long songs about Neils' whatever he was reading at the time) anyway... i am a fan now and i even added a few songs to my ipod. And comparing it to an author, and I have not yet read tom robbins but have put it on my list, maybe this author is one that is unique and smart and carries you away while you are reading it than that's all there is to it for it to be a good book. just like rush. they are super talented and have a massive following (maybe mostly nerds but hey-they are dedicated) and i suspect tom is just the same. I am going to read it and find out. And i will begin withe perfume one since i'm a girl and you said your wife likes him so I will go on that.

Kimberly Ritz I totally get the Rush reference! Nice analogy!

Kimberly Ritz ...and by the way, I don't care for Rush, but I appreciate them for their talent. I'm reading this book because it is my best friend's favorite book. I'm determined to finish it- but I'm having a hard time getting started. So your review helped motivate me.

Scott Glad I could help. I please to aim.

And I think "appreciating their talent" sums up Rush and Tom Robbins perfectly, for me at least. It's like, I should like this more, and yet...

Charlie Regan I don't agree, but I do find the above apology interesting. I am a huge Rush and Tom Robbins fan. I can listen to Rush for hours on end. And I can most certainly read Tom's books over and over, one after another. I just wish there were more. Anyway, everyone has their own preferences and tastes. And I always like to hear what other people think. So thanks for the analogy.

FYI... If you like Tom's book, read Lamb or Fool by Christopher Moore!

Kimberly Ritz See, I LOVE Christopher Moore. And I LOVE magical realism. So I really feel like I should LOVE this book. But notsomuch. Maybe i just need to step away and try again later.

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