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Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan
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Aug 14, 2012

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Read from August 28 to 30, 2012

I'll say first that this was an alright read, somewhere between a 3 and 3.5 rating, and mostly because the beginning of this story was so convoluted and confusing I felt lost. I have a few issues with this book, mostly they are all in the first 1/3 of the book so I guess I'll just go down the line..

First, Alice was a very wishy washy character. Alice never questioned or reacted to any of the events that were u folding all around her. She never questioned, never had any intense reaction. Most normal people who are faced with angels, devils and death would either freak out in some way. She never seemed like a believable character to me which made things difficult from the start. Even towards the end where she's supposed to be some super weapon, she seemed more like a whiny little girl, lost and confused.

The beginning was very vague for me. Where is this taking place? When is this taking place? I didn't understand what had happened to Alice's Mom/Family (yes you find out in the end, but it's like stumbling in the dark). I didn't, still kinda don't understand, where the mother and children fit into anything in the first chapter. I honestly thought that that was Alice's family because there is no transition or explanation between the first chapter and the next when we meet Alice. Is this the future? Same time? What the hell is going on?

This might be a small gripe but I found that most of the characters had little to no description. The author did very little to tell you what this characters looked like, so I mostly made it up myself, which is find, I have a healthy imagination, I just found it strange.

The conversations in the book often times didn't make any since to me. The characters, mostly the angels, would be having a conversation or giving an explanation and I only felt more confused like listening to only half a conversation. The author didn't do a very good job of explains things. Maybe you want you angels to seem vague or whatever but it left your readers confused also, not a good thing.

I also didn't get the whole references to Alice in Wonderland thing. It was just that, references. I don't get what the author was trying to do there. In no way is this book like Alice in Wonderland. At all. Going into hell is like going down the rabbit hole? I don't know if she intentionally wanted the references to Alice in Wonderland, but that story path was lost on me.

I did like the whole unique take on the whole battle between heaven and hell thing. This story is weird and I kinda like that about it. Blood and Feathers sort of reminds me of the Prophecy series (with Christopher Walkin), although a very poorly done one. The interpretation of angels in this book are unique, flawed, dangerous, sociopathic soldiers. These angels are not fluffy angels here to protect mankind, they are there to keep hell from spilling out. They fight for a purpose, and they fall, wither it be for love, belief or reason.

I guess I can say that overall, I did like this book. I had to struggle through the first maybe half and nothing seemed to make any sense until the end when everything went down. But I still like it for the weird, unique take that it was. I will most likely read the next book, solely because I am intrigued, but I just hope she does a better job of it than this one.

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