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Endlessly by Kiersten White
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Aug 14, 2012

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Rating: 3/5

In this last one, it felt as if Evie had no clue on what she is doing. She wanders around a lot and is forced into motion via other characters. When the others approach her for help, she dismisses them not wanting to help them because she’s jaded. Of course, there’s valid reasons why she feels this way, but the way she comes off is very generic so it makes her sound more self-absorbed and selfish rather than being the victim of a cruel world. Her emotions through this book were campy and bi-polar (meaning they change very fast). They only time she is compelling is when it’s near the end and she considers and is thoughtful of the other supernatural creatures. Her emotions don’t feel real enough for the most part. She feels them at the right moment but they don’t feel true to the moment – she only feels that way because she supposed to feel that way. The moments to build the emotions up are there but for the most part Evie is too busy feeling jaded and selfish to be compelling.

The plot meanders a bit. Things seems to happen randomly without purpose. Sure they happen because Evie needs to free so-and-so to have a happy ending or so-and-so is appointed to the Center so Evie can have a villain to face in one scene, but that’s it. There’s no strong unifying theme to link them all together so in the end they felt more like page fillers rather than important details to the story (i.e. the whole Raquel thing).

The other characters in the story don’t feel fully fleshed. Maybe it’s because its the third and final book and readers should have a feel for the characters already, but to me, it seems they all lose a bit of their personalities that we got in the first books. For me, Reth was the most fleshed character and he felt stiff at times, especially scenes outside of this love confessions for Evie. (I thought the whole Evie and Reth relationships and the reasonsing is done well.) Jack has the most exuberant personality, which makes him different but the reasons why he’s changed from the last book aren’t explained or given depth. He just says he has and we’re suppose to take it at face value. Granted, Evie questions this change, but it didn’t go beyond that.

The whole book felt like a going-through-the-motions kind of deal. Things happen because the plot needed to move along – events seemed placed in, not because an earlier event truly called for plot’s movement. Evie felt certain emotions at the certain spots because she was supposed to feel that way in that spot, but didn’t go any further than the surface happy, sad, angry, or annoyed. No depth. No supporting details to make the scene and emotions seem realistic to the moment. Most of the book didn’t feel true and completely natural.

With that all said, I liked the overall story. I quite enjoyed the story and enjoyed Evie’s initial personality and back story. The story ended on a good note – happily ever after, even if it seemed a bit convenient.

Overall, the book is a fast quick read. It gives a good ending to a decent series. It lacks the charm and wit of the first book, but still serves an interesting story. There’s wasn’t any annoying triangles. No annoying boyfriend complexes. Very straight forward, which I enjoyed much. But overall, it also seemed to skim the surfaces of too many areas (character emotions, plot motivations, scene building) for me to completely enjoy this book. It’s not bad, but some of the appeals from the first books are missing too.

Verdict: Read it if you like. Library check out. This was okay.

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