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Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas
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I do have to say that Nikolas is a very unique hero. He's dark and conflicted. He wants Emma but doesn't know what to do with her when he gets her. He does everything he can to destroy her love for him. But at the same time, he yearns for her love with all his heart. A romance novel, for certain. But I felt it was also a character study. Nikolas is a character that makes you want to keep reading to see if he'll get a clue and turn his life around. He almost waits too late, but a magical twist of fate sends him on the path to redemption. This is definitely one of Kleypas' more darker books, but it's worth the read. Just be prepared to meet a character who will make you look very closely at your concept of what a romance novel hero is.
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message 1: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB I just realized you are my friend on Amazon too! I have been reading your reviews on both places and just now realized why some sounded familiar! My name on Amazon is MelissaB, just so you know when I talk to you there.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) Thanks for checking them out. I know I do a little double posting. It's always good to chat with you.

.þµŋψà. [Punya Reviews...] I so agree with your review Danielle, specially the last line on Nikki. It's sad that people can't look past the 'obvious' and understand the depth of the story. There's so much more to it then just a bad hero who suddenly turned good with a twist of supernatural. I loved this book.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) Punya, I think this book has some aspects that really push the envelope, but it was interesting.

Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Oh boy, I'll have to re-check my books. Haven't even realized there's Nikolas' story. He really got to me while reading Midnight Angel. So dark and self-destructive. Yep, I'm a true sucker. Sounds interesting enough to give it a chance.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) Rain, it's an interesting book. Not really what I would consider satisfying in some ways as a romance story. But very emotionally intense.

Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Based on the books I've picked from your reviews (four and five stars rated), I can say our tastes are similar. I really enjoyed all of them so far.
Nikolas was quite disturbing, guess that's what got my attention, so I'll try it when the mood for intense strikes, and see what it's like.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) I'm glad I can point good books your way and vice versa.

I think that this one was hard for me because of how Nikolas treats Emma. I don't mind an edgy hero, but I like for him to treat the heroine well when they are together, you know?

Rain ~miss kinky knickers~ Oh, there are great books on your list, Danielle. I just got started, and I'm already immensely grateful for your reviews.

Damn, now I hope he's not that bad. I know what you mean. It's nice to see someone edgy being (slightly) reformed by love.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) Thanks, Rain. I'm glad you find my reviews helpful. I enjoy writing them.

I don't mean to scare you off the book. If you look at my shelf tags, you will see what I am holding against him. That's my biggest hero no-no, other than out and out rape. I know a lot of readers can get past that, but it's a big pet peeve of mine.

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