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Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews
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Aug 14, 12

bookshelves: romance-other, urban-fantasy
Read in August, 2012

** spoiler alert ** The Andrews team has done again with the Edge series. Another fun and exciting read.

Audrey Callahan has had it with her conman family. She's been hurt once too often by them. And when her father seeks her out for one LAST time for a job, she demands that they choose between her or her drug addicted brother. She, her brother and father do one last job together and Audrey is DETERMINED to get out of the business. In fact, she's got roots all ready forming for a normal job in the Broken. She does her best to cut all ties to her previous life.

In the Weird, Kaldar Mar is called to investigate the artifacts that the Callahan family stole. If these special magical bracelets fall into the wrong hands, the Mirror agents would be in trouble. Through his investigation, he learns that Audrey's brother in in rehab in the Broken and through him, he finds Audrey.

Unfortunately for him, he has tag alongs. In the first book we met Jack and George. Jack's changeling magic is getting him into trouble and when they fear that Jack will be sent away, they go to Cerise and William (book #2's focus). William, also a changeling, is being sent on a mission but he and Cerise promise to help when they return. They advise him just to stay out of trouble.

George and Jack devise a plan and sneak away with their cousin, Gaston, on Kaldar's wyvern. By the time Kaldar discovers them, it's too late to send them back. In trying to insure that Audrey is the girl he wants, he tries to corner her at her work. When she gets the slip on him and gets away, she intrigues him. When he catches her once again at her home, she discovers exactly what she stole and agrees to help get it back.

When they start to make plans to get the bracelets back, they discover that they are being followed by former Hand members, with Helene leading them. Helene is Spider's niece. These characters all have background information in the previous two books so if a reader is starting with this one, the story might not be as rich without the prior knowledge found in the other books.

Eventually they discover that the artifacts are being sold at a magical auction so exclusive you need a invitation. Through working to get the invitation, the kids, Gaston, Kaldar and Audrey pull off a great scheme and really started pulling together to work as a great team. The more Kaldar works with Audrey, the more enthralled he is with her and the more he flirts and wants her.

Audrey on the other hand, trusts no one. And even though her body wants Kaldar, her heart wants more. She wants the whole love and trust relationship and is holding out for that. The argument they have sends Kaldar into deep thought and although he wants at the very least to know that Audrey is always in the world, can he bring himself to commitment, especially one that she wants?

At the day of the auction, Helene finds them again and they capture Audrey. Kaldar offers himself in exchange and he learns that Spider killed their grandfather and although crippled, he survives and Helene begins to drain Kaldar of his blood to give to Spider in hopes to make him stronger.

Audrey can't let Kaldar go and she cons the people running the auction and in the end rescues Kaldar. Everyone returns to the Weird and faces the consequences of their actions. Eventually Kaldar takes Audrey back to his home and they both agree to forever.

So much more happens in the book! Jack and George are great characters and really help move the story along. We see a bit more of Gaston and Kaldar's character is wonderful. Also in the book we meet Cerise and William at the auction and both teams join together to accomplish their goals. Another great action packed book that was fun, adventuresome, had the touch of romance and made me with that book 4 in the series was out so I could continue reading about the next mystery couple.....

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