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The Infects by Sean Beaudoin
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Oct 25, 12

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Read from August 14 to 16, 2012 — I own a copy

Nick is not your average teenage boy. He lives with his younger sister and his checked out father. He has to work at the local chicken slaughterhouse to help pay the bills. He has a heavy burden on his shoulders and takes it well. His father (“the Dude”) is more concerned with free living than taking care of his daughter, who has Aspergers. So Nick does it, without complaint. After a (really gross) accident at the slaughterhouse, which Nick is blamed for, he winds up in the desert on a juvenile delinquent program. One morning he wakes up to find some of the kids and counselors have turned into zombies. Nick and the few surviving teens escape into the woods and have to figure out what happened and how to stop it, all while trying to stay alive.

Nick was an interesting sort of character. He clearly cared for his sister and would do anything for her. He had his grumpy moments, especially when dealing with The Dude, but overall, he was likable. His sister was super quiet and only wanted to play her video games. Every once in a while, she would surprise Nick with her depth of understanding, but mostly she was silent. We learned a bit into the novel why The Dude was the way he was, but it still didn’t make me like him any more. Petal, Nick’s secret crush, was strong and seriously knew how to take care of herself. But she was also harsh, and as far as I could tell, the only think Nick liked about her was the way she looked. There were a few other characters that Nick spent time with (warning: don’t get too attached, because Sean Beaudoin isn’t afraid to kill anyone off), including another strong female, which was a nice addition.

The dialogue was full of teenage boy nonsense (i.e. crude jokes and bad language). The pace was frantic and chaotic, with a lot of things going on, one right after the other. It was a zippy book and easy to get through quickly. It was graphic with the zombies and all the death, so don’t bother if you’re squeamish. As a vegetarian, I was especially icked out by the slaughterhouse scenes. Nothing subtle going on in there. The Infects had a small element of the paranormal, which I didn’t think fit in the story very well and was altogether unnecessary.

There were a few important questions that remained unanswered. I probably would have enjoyed the book more if I had felt that everything came to a nice close. Also, I’m still not sure how Nick ended up at Inward Trek. I don’t even think he knew either. He had an accident on a machine at work and he passed out. Next thing we know, he’s on a bus to juvie. Nobody thinks this is an awful harsh punishment for an accident? He doesn’t try to explain what happened to anybody? Why did everyone at Inward Trek have to have a nickname? I didn’t understand that. The ending was interesting and entertaining, but certainly not a super twist worth writing home about.

The cover, while not especially unique, is fun. Clearly this is a zombie book. I also love the little clue hidden right in plain sight.

The sum up:
Your average zombie book with a few unique twists. If zombies are your thing, give it a go. Otherwise, it’s okay to skip.

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