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Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Aug 14, 12

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Read on August 14, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: Once

Yes, I know, my five-star rating is a total eye-brow raiser after my two-star rating for Obsidian. Honestly, though, I don't have any hesitations giving this book such a high rating. I kind of wish I could go back in time just to read it all over again.

Unlike the first book, Onyx happened to contain the right amount of everything and not make it look stupid. In the first book I was mostly worried about the romance - would Daemon get more asshole-ish, why was he such a jerk, would they end up together? But in this book I felt that Daemon actually did have the right intentions, and when he proved himself a good person - alien, whatever - and actually showed his care for Katy, I decided to trust him. Sure, every once in a while I cringed because Katy would go on and on about his hotness and all, but mostly I felt this kind of relief that instead of being stand-off-ish and cold, Daemon showed compassion while being sarcastic at times.

I laughed a lot. I started to actually relate to whatever Katy did, and although sometimes I wished she'd react in a different way than she did (view spoiler) I decided every character has his/her own flaws and Katy was actually doing quite well for a person going through all that stress and whatnot. There were lots of humorous sections in the novel that I read over and over just to laugh at, like the restaurant scene, and the fact that Daemon refused to could not get Blake's name right. Ben, Bryon, Butler, Flake (WTF? Lol), Billy, man, there were so many choices. I laughed every single time.

I can say that the romance was very sweet. Of course, I sort of wondered what the hell Katy was doing making out with the guy at every other turn, but then later I kind of got her mixed feelings. There was one problem - that she couldn't just blurt out how she felt about Daemon to him when he got angry over the training thing. I actually wanted to shake her. Thoroughly. I mean, it would probably save a lot of heartbreak, right? But I let it go, and it was a lot better in the end. I loved that "confessing myself" scene in Daemon's bedroom near to the end of the book. It went well with the rest of the plot.

There was also all the action the novel built up to, and I was kind of impressed that Katy had that bit inside her that told her that she wasn't weak, and she could do something on her own. So she was pretty kick-ass.

And then we come to Blake. No one knows how much I wanted to strangle him throughout the novel. So much I began to fear for the wellbeings of everyone around me. Boy, he is one of the most annoying character in this series I've read of. He's a betrayer, traitor, and manipulator. Honestly, and I know it sounds pretty sadistic of me, but I really don't give a damn about his friend Chris and I hope Blake dies himself. What he did to Katy... man, I was ready to pull my own Daemon and do something stupid.

Yeah, Daemon was pretty amazing.

Anyway, there was another something I really enjoyed about this series, and it's that despite all the action, heartbreak, and drama going around her, Katy continued to do what she loved, which was her reading and blogging. I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for reading about people with personalities. I'm glad that training for becoming some kind of strong mutant and wanting to jump - but at the same time strangle - her next-door neighbour didn't stop Katy from writing reviews and all that. In fact, I found the "In My Mailbox" post scene where she and Daemon (haha, Daemon) did her vlog very cool. I laughed a lot at that, too. I think I liked Daemon best at that moment.

Oh, and did I mention all the references to real books in this novel? All the books Katy was reading/reviewing, I immediately tried to guess what they were. In fact, the book about a person with a "skilled touch", I related to Touch by Jus Accardo. Then, when Katy was talking about a book she was supposed to move in training, with a cover with petals and which talked about reincarnation, I immediately knew it was about Shattered Souls. You also have know idea how I mentally squealed at all the Tod Hudson references - totally ironic considering the last book I read was Before I Wake. For goodness' sake, I even searched up "The Hidden Circle" on Goodreads, wondering if there was actually a book like that, but was sorely disappointed. It was, you know, recommended on Katy's Krazy Obsession and all.

Yeah, I totally see what I did there.

And that cliffhanger ending? Are you trying to kill me, Armentrout?

Full stars. Can't wait for December.
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insta-love, the bane of my existence. Girl sees boy and falls in love. Immediately. Soul mate, breath stealing, toes curling, love after one conversation. Boy pushes girl away for some paranormal reason or another. Girl still loves boy. Boy finally admits love."

I like how Kat pointed this out."

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