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Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar
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I finished reading the book in the morning, and my first thought after completing it was... WHOAAAAAA... and then my brain just shut down. It took me this long 4.30 hours to write a review and even now, I have no idea what should I write and what should i exclude.

There are three things that come to my mind, when thinking about this book.

An artist, the sea, and the place beyond.

The story weaves around these elements in a manner that traps you, and forces you to read and read and read..till you complete it.

The book is DARK, and at times, it becomes twisted in a way, that makes it difficult for us to separate the character's reality from her imaginations or her daydreams or whatever. And that is the major reason i like this book.

Often we readers know, what is real and what is not, and then we wait for the character, to realize the same. But in this book, as each paragraph unfurls and with every new event, even the readers may end up asking WAS THAT REAL? DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? and when that happens, we step into the shoes of the main character, and experience her confusion, and her terror. That was an amazing feeling, being able to experience it all from Abbie's perspective.

The book deals with both contemporary and paranormal themes, and the combination is dynamite!

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