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Private Games by James Patterson
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Aug 13, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Got the audio book of this for a long drive. While entertaining and engaging for that particular format, I couldn't get over the "villian" (And more over, his "voice" on the recording). The villian was super annoying, and he has chapters dedicated to him where he is revealing his evilness and how it came to be. So, basically the kid got beat by his parents, jumped by a bunch of kids once, and injured in the olympics. So that's motive to stage and mastermind a bunch of killings? It just didn't make a whole lot of sense. It would've been better if they revealed he was schizophrenic or something, that would've made it more plausible.

However, my harshest criticism is for the narrator of this audiobook. I understand the need for his British accent, but the rest of his "Characters" voicings were awful. In particular, a crucial character who is an American. The narrator's attempt at an American accent were downright laughable, and I couldn't get over how ridiculous he sounded. I know little things like that shouldn't annoy you, but when you're all in for a 13 hour reading of something you don't want to have to think about how you dread certain characters coming up because their voice sucks.

One positive was the research the author did about the London Games. He must have had some serious all access interviews with the Games planners, because he knew details about venues, and even some of the performances during the opening ceremonies. It was cool to have a novel set in something that was going on at the time I read it. Good timing.

Take it with a grain of salt, because obviously, I had someone read it to me. You may enjoy it if you like these fast paced thriller books and if you opt to read it yourself. Just don't go the cracker barrel route on this one in particular.

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