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Midnight Tides by Steven Erikson
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Aug 01, 2007

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Recommended for: People who quote Conan the Barbarian
Read in May, 2005

I know this will sound totally weird but Steven Erikson departs to yet another continent, replete with its own storylines, for this the 5th book in the Malazan series. Crazy and so unlike him I know.

What could be a really risky venture as a story teller actually works out here pretty well I think. I may be old fashioned but I typically like to stay with a particular group of characters until their story is told to completion, but Erikson manages to create new characters of interest with each diversion he takes. So I tip my cap jauntily to you, sir.

We follow the story of the Tiste Edur here, who are, I don't know, some weird amalgam of dark elves and Native American Indians. There's a distinct tribal cultures element going on here. Anyway these guys get it in their heads that they're going to take over the world so they burn the Reichstag and invade Poland.. Wrong book.

Anyway, there's this one particular Tiste Edur who picks up a magical sword, becomes the thrall of an insane god, dips himself in honey and rolls in gold coins. The upshot of all this is that he gets to become Emperor and has the added benefit of being unkillable.

Maybe I'm not doing the best sell job here, but it actually makes for good Fantasy reading. Those who know me would have no problem picking out my favorite part of the story, which involves a spiritual kung-fu master named Iron Bars and what happens when he has a chance meeting with the Emperor in the streets. In this scene the Emperor is coated in Comedy Gold.


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