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The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov
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Aug 09, 2010

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Read in January, 1972

It's the purest speculation, but I have a theory that Isaac Asimov may have had an affair with a Swedish woman somewhere around 1955. At that time he was in his mid 30s, and had been married for around 10 years.

The evidence? Well, he wrote two novels in rapid succession, The End of Eternity and The Naked Sun, which, very unusually for the early Asimov, contain sexy female characters that play an important part in the story. Both of them have Swedish-sounding names with romantic associations. The woman in Eternity is called Noÿs (Swedish nöjs, with a soft j, "content oneself, be pleased by"); the one here is called Gladia (Swedish glädje, also a soft j, "happiness").

Coincidence? A hidden message? If anyone knows more, please tell me!
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message 1: by Aerin (new)

Aerin Eeenteresting!

Manny Actually, after reading your review, I realised that it's even better than I'd thought. Eternity, the earlier of the two books, has an upbeat ending. They fall into each other's arms and the dull, stultifying organisation of the Eternals just melts away. Sounds like a metaphor to me. But then, as you pointed out, Sun ends with the two lovers tearfully parted.

You can't help wondering, can you?

Alfaniel Aldavan Interesting take :)

However, this is a flaggable review!
Sorry, this review is inappropriate because it's about the author's love life. That contravenes with the new review guidelines, which state that it must be about the book, the book and nothing but in relation with the book. I think.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to its claims. Therefore it breaks the terms of use, by purely speculating.

Manny Damn. You got me. My hands are in the air, officer, it's a fair cop.

Maximilian kind of a leap honestly

Manny What, you don't think it's a smoking gun?!

message 7: by Kris (new)

Kris The guy admitted to being a horn dog, so it's plausible.

message 8: by Manny (last edited Mar 01, 2016 04:58AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Manny Kris wrote: "The guy admitted to being a horn dog, so it's plausible."

Good point. Let's not forget that he wrote this book, not to mention this one and this one...

Ismael Galvan True story.

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