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Reached by Ally Condie
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Aug 12, 2012

really liked it
Read from November 16 to December 20, 2012

I will of course not be adding a stupid star to this. Just saying. You haven't read the book, why on earth must you add all these stars to it. So you liked Matched and Crossed, brilliant! Doesn't mean you should get it five stars. Didn't like Matched or Crossed. Don't give it one just yet.

Anyways, after reading Matched and Crossed, I feel like I have an obligation to read this. Matched was a good book. Bought it after reading it in the library. Crossed however, I did not fancy. Bored me. The ending was okay, but the rest I couldn't wait for them to just get there already.

Nevertheless, I hope the conclusion will be a good one.


So that's the end. I'm surprised, a little bit confused, and wanting to know what happens next. But there won't be a next. And part of me is happy for that.

This book is basically summed up by a quote a new character, Lei, says near the end. "We're allowed to change"
A lot of things change in this book. The people, their lives, the society they live in (literally and figuratively). And I liked that.

This was a much better book than the second by leaps and bounds. And as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, I think Reached was even a little better than Matched too. It started out strong, like Condie's books usually do, and ended with beautiful prose and a good conclusion.

The plot is basically Cassia, Ky, and Xander with three different jobs helping The Rising in three different ways. Xander's POV was my favorite throughout the book, and I liked him as a character better than the other two, but I have to say his ending shocked me. At first he is an official for The Society, then he comes a medic for The Rising when the Plague hits the people of Camas and beyond. I was rooting for Team Xander throughout the book.

Ky basically worked for The Rising the whole time, so at least to me, his POV was pretty boring. Though he did have two or three nice twists I definitely wasn't expecting.

Cassia essentially worked for herself, and then switched to The Rising when she needed too. I felt that her POV's had the best writing in them, and that her twists and discoveries were much more shocking and enjoyably than the boys.

Condie's prose and writing was as lyrical and beautiful as always! Especially in the last few chapters. That was some good writing, folks.

I enjoyed the plot, but it didn't suck me in. It took me a while to finish because I kept putting it down and getting bored. But besides that, it was a pretty good book. I only had a few things to pick at:

-Who she ends up with in the end. I mean really? I totally thought it was going to be the other guy. I also hated how she made it so that Cassia would be able to choose him, (view spoiler) Maybe i'm just bitter than she didn't end up with the other LI, but oh well. It didn't bother me too much, since I still thought the ending was phenomenal. A good ending to a series in my opinion, though it did leave some questions unanswered.

-Which is my next thing. The ending! We never find out (view spoiler) And maybe I missed something, but we never found out who the Pilot was either!? And wasn't that the whole point of the series? About the Pilot and the Rising. And we never even find out who he is?
I am pretty bummed I never found out who The Pilot was.

-And the third, the love triangles. We are introduced to two new love interests in this book. Lei, a Society official whose Match died and is slowly falling for Xander. And Indie, whom we already know, as a love interest for Ky. I personally liked Lei a lot better, since Indie was sorta a brat in this book. Still, I was annoyed that everyone and their mother had a love triangle in this book.
You could've done better, Ally Condie.


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11/16/2012 "Surprised that my library sent this to me! And so soon after the release date!"
11/19/2012 "This is going very well so far. I like it! Though Xander, Ky, and Cassia sound a lot alike in their different POV's :/"
20.0% "Interesting. I like the different jobs all three of them have. Cassia is starting to sound different than Ky and Xander so that's good. Recommend it so far!"
30.0% "NO NO NO NO. I hate love triangles to begin with. But TWO in ONE book? REALLY/"
40.0% "Okay really. Two grammar/spelling mistakes on the same page. Another love triangle. I just. I don't know, guys. I guess, read on!"
50.0% "Starting to think I'll like the society better than the Rising. Something smells fishy."
60.0% "Getting kind of boring. Same old same old."
07/14/2016 marked as: read
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Elroi Silva My thoughts exactly. I actually find it a bit funny how some books have ratings despite them not being out yet. Lol.

I hope you give updates as to how the book goes as to give us insights on what there is (or isn't) to be excited (or bored) about. :D

message 2: by Regina (new)

Regina so ky died and she choose xander?

Catelin Wilde Regina: Nope! Sorry if that was confusing. One of the love interests for Ky/Xander that was introduced in this book dies, not Ky or Xander.

message 4: by Regina (new)

Regina Darn I liked Xander more than Ky.

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