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School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari
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Aug 12, 2012

really liked it

When I worked at the school library it was probably my only exercise in being social that didn't fail miserably since I apparently get along better with children in discussion of books than I do... well, anywhere else... but I digress. When I worked at the school library, I checked out a lot of books. If I saw it cross the desk often or it looked good enough to be something to toss up on the recommendation shelf, I would take it home. I read piles of books obviously way below my age range and you know what? That's just fine. Being an adult is boring. Only doing adult things as an adult is boring. Only reading adult books about adult things is boring. It was a great escape to bring these books home and spend and hour here and there on something silly.

This was one that went on the recommendations shelf. It's impossibly silly, which made it a good light read for the upper grades in between their Newberry requirements. Mysteries unfold left and right as students wonder if the School of Fear is going to be a help or if it's a punishment foisted on them by parents who don't understand these perfectly rational fears. Quirky characters and surprises turn up everywhere to challenge their ideas of themselves, each other, and their changing environments.

So, yeah, probably not many other people I know are going to whip this one out on the beach any day soon, but I'd prefer not to forget my memories of librarian-atin'.

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