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Tap & Gown by Diana Peterfreund
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Aug 13, 12

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Read in August, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Initial Reaction:
My only issue with this book was Jamie's mysterious job. I feel like Peterfreund threw it in just so they could have some sort of big issue (because they didn't have enough) in their relationship. It was so... silly? Made the realness of their relationship, because this really has been one of my all time favorite book-romances, almost fade a little... then I remembered it's glory days :)

Great ending, another fun little mystery, and super cute boy! Loved.

Extended additions
Sometimes you sleep on a book, and you wake up and realize exactly how you felt about it (and exactly what you want to say in it's review). For anyone who loved this series as much as I did, you will be pleased with this conclusion. It's happy, it's fun, it's cute, and Poe is angry-mysterious-boy hot. But I think you'll also feel, as I also did, how rushed it was. I suppose there was a lot to fit into this book, as wrapping up a series always takes, but it could have been slowed down a bit. There's nothing wrong with writing a longer book sometimes, and I think author's get scared of that. Yes, this book matched the lengths the rest of the books followed, but maybe this one should have been a wee-bit longer?

We dealt with Jamie and Amy's relationship, the new taps, the new tap's issues, then the issues with D177 and the hazing rumors, Amy's future plans, her friends future plans. It was a lot! Maybe, even, too much. But, I've never been one to say an author had too much going on, I usually just think they end up giving some of the issues too little time. In this case, I think Amy's future plans and even her and Poe's relationship suffered a bit. All throughout the book Amy is worried about what she'll do... then in the end it's solved in almost two sentences? She felt the job was offered out of guilt?! There's no great, amazing opportunity, just the job she's been offered since the beginning of the book?! Anticlimactic. Then, Jamie is randomly given this crazy, fall-off-the-face-of-the-planet job and is just gone! Solves the issues with Darren for Amy... then he's back! It was a little lame to me. Too cheesy. These books have always had some out-there plot lines for a bunch of college students, but this just pushed the envelope for me. One last thing I wasn't so into: the "changing" of the Digger-ways. I feel like throughout this book Peterfreund was trying to show how D177, and then D178, were changing the ways of Rose & Grave (i.e. Demetria's actions, letting the Barbarians in), but I didn't really dig it (pun intended). In the end, the changes were so minute they really meant nothing to me. Rose & Grave still seemed pretty much the same, annoying patriarchs included, except now everyone hated D177 AND a whole new class of knights. There was no big win for Amy and her pals with that! Again, anticlimactic.

This book wasn't all negative, though! For the most part, it was great. I loved watching D177 go through the process with tapping, and dealing with all the issues that brought up. Even the addition of Michelle's troubled-past was welcomed. I especially loved it because in the end, it let Topher (someone I hated in this book) shine, even if it was for the wrong reasons, and really showed that Digger bond. D178 will do just fine! And the Amy-Jamie time, damn. Jamie is one hot (yes I know he's fictional) dream boat.

I really did love this series, and in the end, I really was happy with this concluding book. I just could have been happier.

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