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Chosen by Sable Grace
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Aug 12, 2012

really liked it
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Read from August 12 to 17, 2012

An ancient evil has returned and he has his tyrannical sights set on ruling all. Kyana may no longer be half vampyre, half lychen but the new Goddess of the Hunt is still a warrior and is prepared to fight. At her side is Ryker, the new Zeus, and together with their allies they battle for the freedom of all races.

I was not a fan of Kyana's at the start of the series. With the exception of her best friend Haven, she only cared about the glory she got from completing missions for The Order of Ancients. There was a lot of hate built up towards humans because of what happened before she was turned and she erected this wall around herself to keep everyone out. In the previous book you start to see changes but in Chosen, Kyana grows into this character I've come to adore. She's allowing people in, not jumping the gun, and actually being reasonable. In this book we see and feel the pain and emotional turmoil of her past. All this has made her less cold and brash and more caring and tolerant while keeping a lot of her badass side. A far more enjoyable heroine than the one we first meet at the start of things.

Ryker manages to be even more fabulous. Things were not always perfect between them in the past but now he's sticking by Kyana while giving her space to be herself. He sees the change in her and respects and trusts her to make decisions that will affect all of Olympus. He allows her the freedom she craves while standing his ground and not letting things backslide in their relationship. It takes a strong and understanding man to be with someone like Kyana and Ryker is that and so much more.

Cronos has returned to once again take his place on the throne of Olympus and he has no qualms with fighting dirty. He brings back ghosts from Kyana's past that turns into pure torture for her and he hasn't forgot about his one-time puppet Haven. Most of the time he wasn't actually in a scene but still manages to scare people and have a powerful presence. This may sound odd but Cronos is vile in all the right ways and he made for a great villain.

The battle against Cronos is what this series has been leading up to. The final fight itself was satisfying but the smaller outings by Kyana, Haven and the other warriors weren't nearly as exciting. Some were predictable or didn't really go anywhere. The one other issue I had was that this is the final book in the series but it doesn't feel that way. Questions are left unanswered and it felt more like this was the end of a particular story arc rather than an entire series.

Even with my issues, I think this is an urban fantasy series worth checking out. There's a lot to like: Greek mythology, a variety of supernatural creatures, strong characters and a romance that builds with each installment. I do highly suggest going back and starting with book one, or at least book two. There's so much you will miss if you don't and I think you won't enjoy this book as much.
- Stephanie

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