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Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
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Nov 30, 08

Read in May, 2007, read count: countless

** spoiler alert ** [Review originally written June 2007:]

i'd always planned to visit the margaret mitchell house if i ever had the chance to be in atlanta, and since i'll be going there this month (for ben and steph's wedding), i was really hankering to re-read margaret mitchell's gone with the wind -- it'd been so long since i'd read it and my trip was fast approaching! gwtw* was one of my favorite books as a teenager -- i must have read it at least 10 times in high school, often when i was home sick or couldn't sleep at night. however, i left my well-worn paperback copy of gwtw at home when i left for college, and i hadn't read it since! i recently purchase a new (hardcover!) copy of gwtw, and ironically, i re-read it this last month, while i was pretty sick and home from work! :)
[*gwtw will be used as an abbreviation for the full title. i actually got the idea off of the url for the margaret mitchell house -- :)]

it's sooooo interesting because, although i loved the book before, i really don't think i ever fully understood the story until this time around! for example, there was one line in the final chapter that succinctly summarized the "problem" with Scarlett:
"She had never understood either of the men she had loved and so she had lost them both. Now, she had a fumbling knowledge that, had she ever understood Ashley, she would never have loved him; had she ever understood Rhett, she would never have lost him. She wondered forlornly if she had ever really understood anyone in the world."

in all of my past readings, i'd been Scarlett's staunchest supporter -- i thought she was just great: gutsy and courageous and willing to do whatever it took to protect herself and her family. i never really thought of her as a little misguided, blind to the true value of some of the people around her, and somewhat obsessive about money, so this all came as quite a bit of a shock to me! anyways, i DO still love the book, but i do feel like it's an onion that i just peeled another layer off of or something :)

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