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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Aug 12, 2012

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Read in August, 2012

While I did like that Rachel was finally showing some personal growth, both in herself and her relationships with her friends, this book was heavily flawed. I think since I haven't read a Kim Harrison book in over a year, maybe a year and a half, I forgot about some of these recurring flaws in that time. I have also missed all of the short stories, novellas, and graphic novels, so I had no clue who at least one of the characters was.

My biggest complaint with the book: Rachel's still too stupid to live. People repeatedly told her she was too stupid to live (not in those exact words) and she just stubbornly ignored them - until she just couldn't ignore what was happening to her and other people because of her stupidity. Even after this major revelation, she STILL does too stupid to live things. She doesn't think about hardly anything before she just jumps in and does it - with lots of failure along the way.

What was with her leaving her hair down while she was on runs? She kept having to move it out of her face, one way or another. She's supposed to be this experienced runner, and she doesn't know that even that split second of moving her hair could get her killed? She didn't check her splatgun - the one she had confiscated in a previous story - to make sure it worked, and of course, in the time she needs it most, it doesn't work. She repeatedly makes huge mistakes that cost people their lives and/or endanger the entirety of what she's trying to do/who she's trying to save, and yet it doesn't seem to get through her thick skull what's going on. The same could be said for the powerful undead vamp "piloting" Nina(to borrow an Ilona Andrews/Kate Daniels series term). With that character, I don't know that we have ever met him before and for all we know, being an undead vamp gets to be so boring they just don't care as much as they should any more about the safety of others, including those they use.

I just feel disgusted with Rachel in this book. I do however, love the way the relationship between Trent and Rachel is going. That and getting more in depth looks at him made this a 3 star instead of a 2 star. I also liked one of the new characters who may or may not return in future stories. I did like the storyline, and I am glad that two somethings in particular happened in the end of the story (trying to not be too spoilery).

I have noticed a recent trend in Urban Fantasy (within the last two years especially) wherein it seems like groups of humans want to eradicate any magic users/people they consider inhuman. It always seems strange to me that the fanatics feel ok using the same things they hate in the people they kill/want to kill. I only remember one series where it was the magic users wanting to kill off humans, and that one is slightly different - complete eradication of the human species is not the goal there, but it's still genocide. Is this a reflection of some of the scary issues in real life?

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