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The Day of First Sun by Sheryl Steines
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Sep 14, 2012

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Rating: 3.5

*Given a copy in exchange for a honest review.

The Day of First Sun was a quick and easy read. When Princess Amelie and Jordan (her boyfriend) steal an orb they don't know that it could turn theirs and everyone else's world upside down. But, it's too late. When the FBI find Princess Amelie's lifeless body Annie Pierce and her partner, Bobby “Cham” Chamsky, are called in. Annie and Cham are Wizard's Guard. Princess Amelie of Amborix is murdered but with magic. When the murder rests on Jordan's shoulders it turns out this is part of a even bigger problem.

Annie as the main character i didn't really connect with. Actually, i didn't really connect with any of the character. However, I thought that Annie was a perfect heroine. She wasn't perfect in every way. She had flaws like us. Cham and Annie have been together as friends for their whole life. They've been in love with each other for so long. When Annie finally confesses and they were together i thought that there could have been more of them together, for longer.

Sheryl's writing is really easy to get and it flows really well together. I could see how this was all linked together, for example. Despite the fact that i could understand the plot easily there were two things that made my opinion for The Day of first Sun go down. One, i was expecting more action. From the synopsis it sounded to me as if it was more of a action and thrill. Secondly, the past. We knew most of the past but the things that i really wanted to know more about was Annie's past and how the non-magical (i.e FBI) and the magical (i.e Wizard's Guard) got together.

In conclusion, The Day of First Sun was an interesting read but there were some things that made me hesitant into loving it. Although i didn't connect with the characters i really liked Annie. I also liked how everything flowed together easily. I would recommend this to people who love mystery more than action.

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