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Arson by Estevan Vega
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Aug 12, 12

Read in August, 2012


Arson Gable lives with his grandma, in a cabin by the lake. Arson is different. I spent a lot of the book trying to understand grandma and her ways. She was a rollercoaster of a woman. She dealt punishment her way.

This was a most compelling story.

Emery is the new neighbour. She wears a mask. Her parents Joel the minister and Aimee are going through a very bad patch. Joel has so much love to give, now, but when Aimee needed it most.

Arson works at the local icecream parlour. He is infatuated by the girl who lives across the lake, Mandy. Mandy likes free icecream. Arson doesn’t know how to say no to Mandy.

Arson was an unusual boy. A freak. He knew it.

We learn early on that Arson has a power, he can burn things. The lake is his solace. For most of the book, I kept wondering where Estevan was taking us with Arson’s power. Then it all started to weave together to a finale for book one that I did not see coming.

We spend a lot of the book getting inside different character’s heads. Joel and Aimee have marriage problems. Joel has skeletons in his closet.

Arson is learning how to not get himself locked up for days by his grandmother who appears quite insane sometimes, but is she. Does she have a huge burden she is hiding?

The scenes with Abraham in the hospice were lighter, yet sad scenes. Estevan had Emery and Arson volunteering and talking to the patients in the hospice. Arson is quite damaged and Emery is scarred for life, hiding behind her mask. This book has us being a part of the lives of these two main characters and their damaged families lives.

Then ... the story goes up a several notches quite quickly. I would have liked more of the latter couple chapters to have been a part of more of the book, pace wise. I do feel like I really got inside the main and sub character’s heads and it would appear the party for Arson has only just started.

I enjoyed Estevan’s tale and he has left me very intrigued to read Ashes.

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