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Pretty Unlikely by Emily Hodson
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Aug 12, 2012

it was ok
Read from August 11 to 12, 2012

I was given a free copy of Pretty Unlikely from the author, in exchange for an honest review.


Pretty Unlikely follows the life of Anna Strouse, an annoying seventeen year old who is amazingly dumb, puts her family in danger (not to mention the rest of the city), and has no common sense. She constantly contradicts herself (she hates Cleavland, then loves it, then hates it again), and doesn't like pine trees (they remind her of war), but didn't mind the 'monster sized' trees of her hometown. Anna also has constant mood swings, a Frankenstein-like serial killer friend, and a creepy face-changing boyfriend. And guess what? Her 'loving' dad (who gave her beer when she was five, and walked out of her family when she was seven) is also a creepy face-changing guy. She lies about her age to go to a sleazy club with Riley, one of the movers (that came exactly on time), and gets extremely drunk. Anna is also afraid of taking gum from strangers (apparently, they put bombs in Juicyfruit now). She says she'll go to the grocery store in her pajamas ( her description of them is: blue stretchy spandex short shorts could easily be mistaken for part of a Hooter girl's outfit, purple cleavage-showing baby doll night gown shirt that looked like something a couple would wear on a night when they're about to “get it on” which was see-through so it exposed her black lace-up bra), but is afraid to answer the door in them. Anyway, what this book is mainly about is Isaiah, a monster that Anna releases (and keeps in her house) willingly from a secret laboratory inside her house, even after he tells her he killed a bunch of people. He ends up killing even more people; two police officers (but to be fair, the police officers in this book were really rude, and trying to kill Anna, Bobby, and Isaiah), three doctors (they were experimenting on him), and (nearly) a rat. Isaiah is also extremely sensitive to loud noises, and freaks out and attacks people (like Bobby) when he hears them. Even though Isaiah doesn't have a heart (so he doesn't fall in love and ect.), he is still very emotional. And says Anna's boyfriend eats people. The police in this story literally broke Anna's window, and climbed in with a rope. One of them, earlier in the story, tried to kill Anna and Bobby. Shirley, Anna's mom, is actually a pretty caring person (besides the fact that she doesn't call 911 when he daughter gets hurt in a car accident). She tries to keep her family safe, even though her daughter is really rude to her and her son flunks out of law school. Bobby (Anna's boyfriend) is a perfectly normal boy that sits next to Anna in class, until, for some reason, the author decides he isn't. (See above.) Oh, and he has a monster tracker. The reactions in this book to death and Isaiah are completely unrealistic. For example, when Isaiah cuts off a police officer's head, later that day Anna and Bobby make a joke about him. Wow. And, apparently in Cleavland, there is an orange light. "I looked at the orange light ahead, watching it change to red and indicating what move Shirley had to do next: stop." In this book, there is a lot of badly worded sentences, missing words, and things that just don't make sense. I did give this book two stars, though, because I think that if the author was better (or a whole different author completely wrote it instead), the story could be great.

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