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My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
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Mar 06, 14

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Read from August 11 to 12, 2012

Kaylee Cavanaugh is a bean sidhe, or a banshee, anglicized. When people die, Kaylee has the irrepressible urge to scream and scream until their souls can cross the other side. The worst part is? She's coming into her powers alone. Her father doesn't want to deal with her because she reminds him of her dead mother, and her aunt, uncle, and cousin think she's crazy. So whenever Kaylee has the impulse to start screaming, she keeps it tightly locked inside for fear that she'll be sent to the loony bin - or worse.

All that changes when beautiful young girls in her school start dying for no apparent reason , collapsing dead of no apparent cause. With lives so young being laid to waste, Kaylee can't help but feel responsible. After all, she should be able to warn them. But if she opens her mouth, the only thing she can do is scream like a . . . well, banshee.

Surprisingly, her friends seem to believe her. Even the cutest, most popular boy in school - Nash - actually seems to believe her when she says something's wrong . Better yet, he makes her feel better when she's at her lows, volunteers to help her solve the mystery, and wants to date her. But Nash has a long list of female conquests and as attracted to him as Kaylee is, she's not interested in being just another notch.

Their detective work takes them deeper into a world that few humans know exist. It's called the Netherworld, where creatures like souls and spirits, the sidhe, hellions, reapers, and other monsters all make their homes. And to get involved can mean death. In the midst of all of this is danger, a budding romance, and strengthened relationships, as Kaylee learns what it means not only to come into her powers, but also what it means to come of age.

I really liked this. Kaylee is a likable character, and her relationship with Nash was really nicely done. I liked the fact that he didn't string her along, and genuinely liked her for who she was and what she could do. I also liked Kaylee's doubts and suspicions, and how she didn't immediately trust him. Kaylee was self-sufficient, and I found her reactions very realistic. Her relationships with her friends and family were very well done, too!

My Soul To Take had just the right blend of scary, snarky, and sweet, and I loved what Ms. Vincent did with Irish mythology (being an Irish lass myself). Also, the twist at the end? I did not see that coming. Chills, man. Even though this book hinted at love triangles to come , I still really loved this. I need book 2.

Edit: I now have book 2, Soul to Save. Thank you, library!
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