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Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett
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Aug 11, 2012

really liked it
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Theo is back in his hometown of Star Harbor trying to find inspiration for his new book after hitting a mental roadblock in San Francisco. He’s surrounded by his brothers, a small town that knows everyone and everything but the only person who Theo wants to get to know better is Avery. Avery is on leave from her job in Boston to help take care of her aunt, who is recovering from chemotherapy, and taking a break from her job as a counselor after she lost a patient who relapsed with drugs. Both Theo and Avery are trying to find a new direction in their lives, they love their careers but something’s missing and Theo knows for sure that something is Avery.

I love the Grayson brothers more and more as I get to know them better. Theo is such a good guy, he’s a famous author, well off but never once acts out of place in his small home town. He’s a guy described as wearing jeans, shirts and glasses - there’s just something sexy about a hot guy wearing glasses. He’s in a new situation with Avery however; she makes him work for it. He’s used to having women come in and out of his life but he wants Avery to stick and he has to pull out all the stops with her. He always ends up being wherever she is, be it staying at her aunt’s inn that she’s helping run, helping her ice skate, being a shoulder for her to cry and lean on, he spends the whole story slowly proving himself and I thought he was very charming and sweet.

“I d-don’t want you,” she said, but her lower lip trembled.

His eyes warmed. “Oh, you do.” He bent his head until his mouth was nearly touching hers, but he didn’t span that small distance. It took all his considerable willpower not to seal his mouth to hers, to show her exactly how hot she made him. But this time she needed to be the one to come to him. “Tell me to go away. Tell me you don’t want me again,” he whispered. “Just say it and I’ll leave you alone for good.”

Her gaze wavered and she closed her eyes. “I can’t,” she whispered back.

“Then kiss me like you know you want to.”

I had a hard time at first trying to understand why Avery was so against anything permanent happening between them. I get that she believes that Theo is only in town for a short period of time and she knows that it’ll break her heart when he leaves so she keeps him at arms length. Beyond that, I didn’t really get why she was so anti-relationship and anti-Theo, especially towards the end. But that small thing aside, Avery is a friend you’d want to have. She loves her family, she doesn’t think twice about helping her aunt out and she comes to appreciate what a small town means. Yes, there’s the gossip, but the town is close knit and helps each other out and Avery, her aunt Kate and her sister all benefit from that.

Even though Avery is hesitant when it comes to thinking long term with Theo, she doesn’t ever try to deny their attraction and their scenes together were more on the sweet and tender side, if you don’t include the sexy romp in a storage closet *grin*. Their scenes didn’t lack any heat and they ended up being perfect in intensity for this couple.

There is a small suspense storyline tossed in that’s an extension of the same storyline from book one, Deep Autumn Heat, centered around drug running through this small harbor town. This book reads fine as a standalone, so nothing is lost if you start with this story and it ended up not having much impact for me. It added a little mystery element, but the romance and family relationships overpowered it from start to finish.

I thought this story was charming. I had fun reading it and getting to know the Grayson brothers a little better. Avery and her family were great characters as well and the mix of Avery, Theo and the characters of Star Harbor combined for a satisfying read.
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