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It's Not Easy Being Mean by Lisi Harrison
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Nov 30, 2008

really liked it
Read in December, 2008

It’s Not Easy Being Mean: Lisa Peterson
Book Review
Maddie Horne

The pretty committee thought for sure that they would find the key to the heavenly room, but who could be sure when Losers Beyond Repair (LBR) like Layne Abeley are looking for the key too. The key was to a room at Octavian Country Day’s that staff didn’t know about and only O.C.D’s eighth grade alphas were given the key. However Skye Hamilton was the alpha Massie was in seventh grade, and Skye made a riddle to find it so Massie and some L.B.Rs would be competing for it. Claire Lyons an ex-clique member found the key and traded the key with Massie to be back in the pretty committee. The whole book led an interesting journey to that point. A good thing about It’s Not Easy Being Mean was the constant humor, even when Massie was worried sick about the key.

One morning Claire was wearing a heavy jacket and looked nothing like the other Clique members who were wearing designer names and no jackets, so Massie asked her “Are you a zit?” Of coarse Claire said “NO!” and Massie asked “Then why are you all covered up?” Later when they were deciding how the Clique would the key Claire suggested an idea and Massie said, “…..You must be poor….cause your not making any cents.”

One time when Dylan dropped a plastic bag on the ground with no regard for the environment Massie asked her if she was a cat and when she said no Massie shouted then what’s with the litter?

One part that makes this book really funny is how Claire is always getting embarrassed like when she was getting ready for her addition she had to wear eyebrow extensions and outrageous black hair, for a few days. Claire also got embarrassed when the pretty committee was rating their outfits and she didn’t even want hers rated because of its insufficient level of designer names and over use of jackets.

It’s Not Easy Being Mean showed the weakness of even the “Alphas” of middle school, like Massie converting Skye’s reputation. Also Skye writing the poem about Chris Abeley which shows that no one is perfect. It showed that you can have innumerable friends even if you have a smaller house (like Skye) and it did all this while telling about the amazing cliquey live of the Clique girls.

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