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Knight Of Swords by Sara Curran-Ross
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Aug 11, 2012

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Knight Of Swords (The Swords Series, #1)Knight Of Swords by Sara Curran-Ross

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finished Knight of Swords and it is one of those books that I have to rate for my own enjoyment and which not be the same for others. This book had a new twist on vampires which I found enticing, it also had a good H & h and the story that went with it was great ...... for awhile. Then it became stupid (IMHO) the H & h had not spent more than 3-4 hours at most in each others company since one or both of them spent a lot of time apart, unconscious, etc BUT they are madly, madly in love (WTF?) so I guess all that undying love came from their DNA. I could still have lived with that BUT from about the 25% mark almost the rest of the book is spent with one or both of them in agony, pain, unconscious, tortured (literally) or some other kind of pain and separation. Let me reiterate, I ..... read ..... for ....... enjoyment!! I don't get any kicks out of tortured lovers especially when I get a bad semi-cliffhanger ending, to make it worse here is the summary of the next book (which I doubt I will buy) Ace of Swords

"Nathan Valancourt, the Knight of Swords and lead warrior of the ancient human hybrid Taleian Vampire race travels to a Scottish castle owned by Lycan leader, Marcus Duart. His task is to procure a cure for his beautiful Queen and only love Juliet who lies poisoned in a deep sleep. Unexpectedly, Nathan finds himself caught in a trap set by a powerful witch who seeks revenge upon the Taleian Queen and her people.

On being awakened by the assistance of a powerful Magician, Juliet finds the witch has taken Nathan for her own and transformed him into a demon, hell bent on his Queen's destruction. Stripped of her powers and throne by the witch, Juliet is forced to flee for her life and evade death at Nathan's hand." "A powerful story with another cliff-hanger at the end"

this book ALSO ends on a cliffhanger with no HEA???? WTF?? Somebody really has got to tell me why I would want to read this book? I left out several spoilers but let me say the H for all his goodness and power is freakin inept, most of the things he tries to prevent is a dismal failure.

Bottom Line: Good writing, some jumps in logic that might leave you with a "really?" look on your face, good story that is promptly mangled by the author IMHO since I like for books to have a happy overall feel, this one leaves you with depression and hoping for better things in the future but don't look good for that, maybe once the series is complete I might try again but for now, if I want depression and hopelessness I can read the news. 3 Stars for me at best, wake me up when the two star crossed lovers finally find each other 3+ books down the line, until then I am going to pretend I never read this.

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