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Black Storm Rising by D. Shane Burton
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Nov 29, 2008

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bookshelves: christian, fantasy
Read in November, 2006 , read count: 1

First, let me say that this was a decent read and I'd probably recommend it if you're into Christian Sci-Fi and can find it for $8 or less. But be warned that this book is self-published, and it shows.

The book is difficult to follow until about 90 pages in, when all the characters begin to met together. It starts out with a huge number of characters who are introduced all at once and are located all over the globe. It was very difficult for me to place them in relation to one another, and I'm usually very good at that sort of thing. Also, they are all treated like THE main character so little time is spent with any one person. I didn't bond strongly with any one character, so when one of the good characters dies, I just kind of shrugged and said, 'Oh, well. One less to keep track of.'

Also, the first 90 pages swing back and forth between sounding like a children's book and a scientific journal. Sound effects are all over the place and written like a child playing with toys: 'Bang! Bang! Bang! Three missiles slammed into...' (instead of 'three missiles slammed into the building and exploded with a loud bang.'). Then, a few sentences later, the writing gets overly scientific: 'He slowly moved deeper into the water because it was a low 62 degrees' (instead of '...because the water was chilly.'). These aren't actual quotes, just paraphrases from what I remember. However, the contrast between these two styles on one page is quite distracting. The writing does smooth out, dropping both extremes, after about 90 pages.

Again, let me say that the story idea is an intriguing and creative one. I just wish the author had stuck with rewriting it until the story really shone like it deserved.

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