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Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara
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Nov 29, 08

bookshelves: fantasy, romance
Read in January, 2007, read count: 1

The story was interesting enough but was often confusing. I didn't like that several times something would happen and, at the end of the scene, you wonder why the author just wasted your time with that. Much, much later you realize what she was trying to establish with the scene, but I really would have liked it if the author had made the point of the scene clearer at the time it occurred.

Also, the author attempts to create a mystery (as if there wasn't enough) by withholding from the reader information that the view point character knows. Kaylin knows what happened in her childhood that makes her attack Severn several times during the book, but the author deliberately keeps what happened very vague, even when Kaylin is directly thinking about it. It remains a mystery until the middle of the book, but hiding it doesn't add anything and only makes Kaylin's motives more confusing. Whenever an author hides something about the main character like this, it has the side-affect of keeping the reader at a remove from her. It is harder for the reader to really care about or bond with the character.

Also, I liked Kaylin well enough, but it's more firmly established that she's annoying and exasperating to everyone around her than it is that people are fiercely loyal to her (rather than simply affectionate) so that they would risk the fate of mankind by leaving her alive.

The heroine's poor grammar made the story a bit confusing at times and got downright distracting if I was tired while reading. I was also a bit annoyed that the author felt she needed to repeat minor points than had no direct bearing on the story (for example, she makes the point several times that Aerians use stools because a chair with a back doesn't work for them). Another annoyance was her repeatedly saying that a lifted chin was a universal sign of submission only to later have Kaylin wonder if the Dragon race also used this Leontine sign of submission. That's not exactly 'universal' then, is it?

On the other hand, I appreciated that Severn steadily shows Kaylin his love throughout the story, even though he knows she doesn't understand and isn't ready to accept it. That's a better romance than having two strangers jump in bed together, in my opinion.
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