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Timeless Desire by Gwyn Cready
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Aug 10, 2012

it was amazing
Read on August 10, 2012 — I own a copy

ARC Review Copy Provided By: Blue Dot Literary nn exchange for an honest review!

Panna (short for Pandora) is head librarian at the Andrew Carnegie Library in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. A widow for 2 years, Panna just can't get herself to go out and date. In fact, the closest she gets to acknowledging another man involves a statue in the library of Colonel John Bridgewater, an eighteenth-century British war hero (G. Cready, 2012), that a descendant donated a hundred years earlier. When a huge budget cut comes down the pike for the library, Panna wracks her brain to find a way to stave off the looming threat to the library and its staff. In doing so, she remembers the previous librarian mentioning a storage room. Hoping to find other donated items from either Carnegie or Bridgewater descendants that she could possibly sell, Panna locates and opens the door to....another world.

What Panna finds on the other side is a different world, in a different time....The year? 1706. She finds that the statue in her library is an excellent depiction of the man she meets - John Bridgewater. His personality, however, leaves much to be desired; yet, Panna finds herself drawn to him and this world he is part of. When Bridgewater requests a favor from her, to help prove she isn't the spy he thinks she is, she hesitates and, instead, flees back to her time. Once she's there, however, she can't get the handsome Bridgewater out of her head so she goes back to the portal in the library and completes the mission that was requested of her. And gets embroiled in situations that could make or break how, and if, she gets to leave this time and get back to her own. She also learns that the man she encountered when entering the chapel door the first time isn't exactly the man from the library statue. He is Captian James (Jamie) Bridgewater and continually denies that he's any relation to the Earl Bridgewater or John Bridgewater.

Panna's character is wonderfully likeable and completely believable. She is strong and capable as a maiden in 1706. She risks everything to help assist Bridgewater, including not only her life, but her potential to go back home. She's not whiny, weak, or spineless. She's a great modern character trying to hold her own in a time period where women were not viewed as much more than property to rule over. They certainly didn't get to put their 2 cents worth into any conversation. During this adventure she realizes that the door she shut to love has curiously reopened but now she has choices to make.

Jamie Bridgewater is a fantastic hero but he comes with serious trust issues. He is of mixed heritage; English and Scottish, making him the son of 2 countries, and an outcast of both. He is denied his birthright from a man who insists that Jamie is no relation and doesn't acknowledge that John may or may not be his brother. His grandfather disinherited Jamie's mother, therefore ceasing any responsibility for her offspring. After his brief encounter with Panna, Bridgewater finds that he can't get her out of his head. She's taken hold of his heart and he fears and dreads a world without her. He's her protector and though he has a hard time grasping her tale about being from the future, he makes sure he's there for her.

"Timeless Desire" is the type of novel that won't let you put it down. It draws you in without a lot of pretense and holds on to you until you finish the book. It is a nice, easy, relaxing read and I was able to finish this novel in one day.

Humor abounds, as does double entendre jokes, so not only is it a historical romance, it also fits in the romantic comedy section, too. The twists and turns weaved throughout the solidly written plot keep you engaged and the time travel part doesn't overwhelm or confuse you. The heat level is ooh la la but not anything near erotica.

I loved reading this book and am proud to include it with the rest of the books I have on my bookshelf!

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