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Moreta by Anne McCaffrey
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Aug 10, 12

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Read in August, 2012

I have a rule that I call the "Dracula Rule" which states that you have to read at least fifty pages of a book before you pass even summary judgment. The rule exist to protect books, such as its namesake, that are a little slow to start. And it is this rule that saved this book for it is on page fifty that the first hint of a plot appears. Okay they try to establish a 'star-crossed lover' plot, which is a stupid plot to begin with and is even more toothless when neither lover holds a position that expects monogamy.

Alright let's deal the plot proper: If you've read this far into the series (4+ books) then you should be fairly familiar with the name Moreta since she is Lessa's (the 'hero' of the first book) idol. From what Lessa said we don't know much but we know three things; Moreta rides a golden dragon, is of Ruathan blood and she took some sort of ride worthy of song and after reading this book we know that one out of three is pretty bloody awful. She is not of Ruathan blood but rather has an affair with the Ruathan lord in the above conflict-less love story and her ride well...

The plot (spoiler) is about a plague that none of the characters can do anything about and after the plague they decided to prevent a relapse by vaccinating the entire planet in a single day and rather than doing this with the thousand odd able-bodied dragonriders with nothing better to do they use only a dozen or so bronzes and time travel to do it. And when one of these riders drops out Moreta has to borrow an elderly queen (her own being unable to fly having just laid eggs) so she can fill in on the time hops and...

SHE'S TRAVELING THROUGH TIME! The plan hinges on time travel and rather than taking the infinite amount at her disposal to find another rider to do it or to wait for her own dragon to be ready she stupidly rushes things risking four lives, and the ENTIRE PLANET, so she can time travel now. That's not action worthy of song that's an action worthy of ridicule.

Series Note: This book includes a timeline that states that the first pass started in year 58 (or sixty-six years after planetfall) which fits with the "two generations" mentioned in every prologue of the series so far and that this book takes place during the 47th year of the sixth pass. Which would be find except the body text and dateline of the book proper says that it is the 43rd year there by proving that McCaffrey can't do math.
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