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BZRK by Michael  Grant
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Aug 10, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: battles-wars-and-killers, bioethics, science-fiction
Read in August, 2012

From reading Grant's Gone series, I knew that he has a wild imagination and isn't squemish about killing characters or going into gory detail. I was still shocked/disturbed/grossed out by some of the things in this book, which I think is a good thing. It put me on edge, it made me cringe in my seat, and it made me want to keep reading.
At some point in the future, nano technology has advanced to a level that people can control microscopic biots and nanobots. These are the new tools of modern warfare. The game has been changed. There are two sides to this battle, both with the conviction that they will create a better world. The Armstrong twins would strip humanity of willpower and join everyone together, to form one big utopia- without any personal freedom of course. But such is their price for happiness. They are grotesquely deformed, which probably contributed to their plans for world domination. Under the guise of a gift company, they run an operation of Twitchers- people who can control nanobots. These nanobots can get inside of a person and destroy them starting at a microscopic level. They can tap into the victims optics and see what they see. And they can rewire a persons brain, forming links in things that never had links before.
On the other side is BZRK, a group fighting against the Armstrong's who believe that there cannot be freedom without happiness. BZRK has slightly different technology to the Armstrong group. BZRK have biots, little organisms that are part machine but also made of spliced human DNA. They become part of their handler. But terrible things can happen to a person if their biot is maimed or killed. They are linked by the mind and the mind is a fragile thing, hence the name of the group, Beserk. They don't try to hide the fact that if someone fails and their biot is killed, they risk insanity. But there are prices that must be paid in the fight for freedom.
Tied up in this battle are teenagers, just trying to go about their lives, when tragedy strikes them and they are brought in on the project. Time is of the essence, and the fate of humanity rests with tiny little creatures that cannot even be seen under microscope.

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