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The Blemished by Sarah Dalton
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Aug 10, 12

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Read in August, 2012

I really enjoyed this book. I love dystopian novels, and this was both fresh and entertaining. The story is set in Britain where there are two kinds of people, the GEMS and The Blemished. With advances in cloning and genetic mapping, parents are now able to choose their children's genetic makeup, eliminating and outlawing the need for traditional pregnancy. Those who are genetically enhances are considered GEMS. Those who are not, are labeled as blemished and are forced to live segregated from the GEMS, wearing clothing identifying them as blemished, serving the GEMS, and are basically considered damaged goods. They are the result of a normal pregnancy but have some sort of genetic predisposition or familial trait that is undesired. Mina and her father have moved to a new town, a new area, in hope of a fresh start. Mina and her father are considered blemished. She meets a new friend on her first day of school, Angela, and they really click. Mina has a big secret, which she and her dad have tried to keep hidden. Then she meets Angela's brother Daniel, who also has a secret, a secret which involves Mina. Daniel is quite the hottie and he is very taken with Mina. Also is the picture is a GEM, Sebastian, who is very interested in her also, even though it is forbidden. Events unfold, friendships are formed, romance is kindled, and choices are made which will forever change the lives of Mina, her friends, and her family.

Wow, I was so delightfully surprised with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is original, fresh, and entertaining. The characters are so well written, and you really get to feel like you know them. I loved Mina. I loved her strength and her determination. I really like Daniel also. He is quite hot, and the chemistry between him and Mina is supercharged. There are quite a few secondary characters in the book that also add a lot to the story. The book is fast-pasted and filled with action, mystery, and murder, with twists and turns that keep you guessing and turning the next page to see what happens. I actually read it in one day. The romance is great. There is a bit of a love triangle, or "square" as Mina would say, and I am anxious to see how that works itself out in the next book in the series. Mina is quite the heroine, and no matter what, Daniel has her back. The Blemished is a great YA dystopian, with the romance included which in my opinion helps make the book. For all you dystopian fans out there, this is one book you should check out. Great debut novel from author Sarah Dalton.

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