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Batman by Geoff Johns
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Aug 09, 12

** spoiler alert ** Definitely better than Superman: Earth One, though it obviously suffers from the same "oh, hey, it's THIS story again" syndrome. Seriously, have any stories been retold in comics more than Superman and Batman's origins? I doubt it. Anyway, this is another attempt to give us a more serious, grounded look at Batman's early days, as you would expect in this post-Nolan-Batman world. I guess Johns thought Frank Miller's Batman: Year One didn't already nail it, or something. The weird thing about this one is the strange fan-fiction like twists it goes for, like (spoiler alert) having The Penguin revealed as Gotham's mayor, and involved with the murder of Bruce's parents. I did kind of like Harvey Bullock's character in this - he's introduced as a famous TV cop, the star of a reality show, and you think he's just gonna be a total douchebag. But as it turns out he's actually quite idealistic. In fact, he's a better cop than James Gordon, who has already let the scum of Gotham get to him. But I didn't really buy that the events of this book would just instantly send Bullock down a path of drinking and not giving a damn, as is shown here. I think my favorite thing about the book is seeing how often Batman screws up in his early days. That feels pretty real. I'm sure some will complain it makes him look foolish, but I like the idea that he had to work at improving what he was doing. Overall, this is a decent enough retelling of a story we all know, but - again, like Superman: Earth One - it's not as good as the already more famous versions of the tale (it's definitely not as good as Year One), and unless they do end up doing sequels to these books to tell more tales in this version of the DC universe, than these books are going to seem pretty pointless in retrospect.
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