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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield
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Aug 09, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: young-adult, teenage-angst, non-stop-whining
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I've read books I've enjoyed and books I've hated. I've read books that made me happy and books that made me sad. Very occasionally, I've read a book that leaves me enraged.

"Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone" is such a book. Two hundred plus pages of an eighteen year old girl whining finally cummulating in the most ridiculous ending of all time.

This is not a mystery, Rosenfield gives you very few clues to work with. This is not a coming of age story. The main character, Rebecca, is a recent high school graduate who's had sex and regularly drinks liquor. This is not a romance. People in this town wouldn't recognize romance if it gave them a hickey.

Rebecca lives in a small town where no one ever stops smoking. (EVERY character is constantly lighting up a cigarette to the point I assumed Phillip Morris did the underwriting). Rebecca just graduated with honors and has plans to go to the State University. She hates her town and can't wait to leave it -- except she's desperately grasping at any chance to stay. Her focus for this is James, her boyfriend. James is a high school dropout, with a drinking problem and a scary friend, Craig, who may be a psychopath. James knows he's the wrong guy of Rebecca. He's stuck in place while she plans to move on.

So we get pages and pages of whining about this impasse mixed in with passages about a dead girl who's body shows up on the side of route 128 one morning. No one knows who she is. Details on how she died are sketchy. Rebecca thinks Craig might be involved. She's upset about her parent's imploding marriage but not enough to engage with them any time they try to talk to her.

In the end there's a can-you-believe-this-got-by-an-editor fight scene in a parking lot where Craig gets hurt, Rebecca calls James and discovers what really happened to Amelia. You won't believe it because it's completely unbelievable.

Then, despite the fact that Rebecca never hit anyone or lied to anyone, she decides she's completely at fault for everything that's happened.

I'm embarrassed I spent money on this book.
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message 1: by Joan (new)

Joan Quite a contrast to the review you liked by Lectus! Wow! Somehow I think I'll give this a miss!

Lectus lol, I bought it too and half way through it I was like "i want my money back"!!!! Really, so boring. The writing is beautiful but I got tired of it!

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