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In a Fix by Linda Grimes
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Aug 09, 2012

really liked it
Read from August 09 to September 01, 2012

In A Fix is the first book in a new urban fantasy series by Linda Grimes, featuring Ciel Halligan. Ciel is an adaptor. Adaptors have the ability to change their appearance, almost like a human chameleon, morphing or transforming into other people – male and female, young and old.

Ciel runs her own business using her abilities to transform into her clients. She’s a facilitator, solving any problems her customers cannot or will not fix themselves. But the business isn’t doing so great and she really needs the money from her current assignment – snagging a marriage proposal. So far so easy, but unfortunately the groom to be is kidnapped, and all is not as it seems. Throw into the mix several over protective male family and pseudo-family members and things get quite complicated for Ciel.

I really enjoyed In A Fix – if I was required to describe the story in one word, it would be fun. I loved the premise and the well developed entertaining characters. The dialogue is fun and pretty sparkling. The story is well written and the action is non- stop. In A Fix doesn’t take itself too seriously and the villains portray this perfectly. I loved the humour in the story. But the make or break in any first person narrative is the narrator and Ciel is great character. She’s young, talented, determined and a little mad. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s pretty patient with the crazy antics of her over protective family – personally I’d maim some of those fellas. Occasionally she acts a little foolish but it’s usually in reaction to the over-protective men in her life.

I loved the limitations of adaptors, in that if they become an old person, they’re limited by the strength and weaknesses of the body they’ve transformed into. There are some really clever ideas in the story. I especially appreciated the villains – so funny! The beginning of the story was a little confusing, as we’re literally thrown into the action but a couple of chapters later, it all started to come together. So, all in all In A Fix was really exciting read with an interesting premise and a non-stop action filled plot.

My Rating: 8.5/10
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