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Stung by Bethany Wiggins
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Take a look at that cover. Then read the synopsis. Then look at the cover again. Doesn't it sound so exciting? Isn't the cover marvelous? But if you picked Stung up expecting what the blurb promised, you would be sorely disappointed. Stung, with so much potential and such a unique idea (have you ever read about a world taken down by bees?) fell miserably short of my expectations.

Perhaps what brought down the book were the characters and the world building. I have to agree with Chri here about Fiona, the main character: "She screws up every chance she gets to do just about anything useful, and even ends up shooting an ally instead of the enemy at some point." It probably isn't as easy as it looks to aim and fire a gun, but Fiona made such horrible choices that it was close to impossible to like or relate to her. There was a lack of world building, too. I think there was some short explanation about bees and people's reactions to them and scientists trying to find a cure, but that was it. No other reasons were given as to how the world fell into such ruin.

Another thing I disliked was Bowen and Fiona's relationship. Bowen lives in a place where everyone doesn't trust anyone, so I found it plenty unbelievable how fast he warmed up to Fiona - especially since she had the mark. Things just escalated too quickly.

Probably the only great character was Arrin, who at least knew how to fend for herself.

Recommendation level: libraries are your friends now

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Megan I'm having mixed feelings about it so far. About halfway in and I'm still not connecting with the characters. :/

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