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Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales by Nathan Hale
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I really enjoyed this book. I'm loving this new trend of nonfiction graphic novels. I think that it will really help get more students reading nonfiction.

Nathan Hale, the author illustrator who was born in 1976, tells us the story of Nathan Hale, the American Revolutionary spy who died in 1776, in a fun, humorous yet informative way in this new graphic novel. What makes this informational graphic novel the most unique, I believe, is its format. It is set up as a conversation between Hale, the hangman and a British officer who has taken Hale to be executed. Hale is our narrator and the hangman and officer add comments and are quite hilarious. This story is more than just a biography of Hale, it really goes through much of the early American Revolution as it follows Hale's career. Also, at the end of the GN, there is a mini-tale about Crispus Attucks, one of the men who died at the Boston Massacre, which was a nice addition.

Overall, I liked how it was drawn and written. It'll be one I definitely will want for my classroom.

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