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Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross
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Aug 12, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: politics, society, non-fiction, economy, reviewed
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A great book highlighting today's political errors in governments and such, while suggesting a new way to approach those objects in power. The author, an ex-diplomat, approaches anarchy with a new point of view; instead of the usual chaos that we are used to think of when it comes to anarchy, people might just finally relate to their instincts and help each other, forming a circle of trust within a nation itself and not having to depend on the government at such times.

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Reading Progress

08/08/2012 page 30
11.49% ""Most our lives are quotations from the lives of others.""
08/08/2012 page 31
11.88% ""Man should not be named homo sapiens, 'wise man', but homo mimicus, 'copying man'.""
08/09/2012 page 36
13.79% ""It's an important reminder that crucial change is often ignited by very plain, unremarkable people who then disappear.""
08/09/2012 page 37
14.18% ""Conviction can be found in myriad different ways, but it can rarely be told: as in all good theater, it is better shown.""
08/09/2012 page 37
14.18% ""It is comforting to believe that governments can provide for us, and protect us. Governments want us to believe it; and we want to believe them. Unfortunately, it is ever more evident that this comfortable pact between us rests upon weak foundations indeed.""
08/09/2012 page 48
18.39% "Bismarck: 'The public should never be allowed to see two things: how sausages are made and how laws are made.'"
08/09/2012 page 68
26.05% ""One can argue that the worst outrages in human history occurred not in the absence of authority and government, but were instead perpetrated by governments claiming to act in the common interest: Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet Union, Khmer Rouge Cambodia- the list is a very long one.""
08/10/2012 page 161
61.69% ""The future nature of this world cannot be foreseen; it will emerge. But one thing is sure. No longer would we be fooled into seeing the world as a chessboard, demarcated, separated, neat, but instead it would seem to us as it really is.""
08/12/2012 page 203
77.78% ""Chess may be useless as a metaphor for international relations but it carries one very important lesson. The only point of the game is to take the opponent's king. All other moves, and elegant plays with the bishop and pawns, are but preliminary to this object. Do not be satisfied with process, but only with results."
08/12/2012 page 204
78.16% ""The action of one may stimulate others. And if many adopt these principles, a revolution -a leaderless revolution- will eventually become manifest.""
08/12/2012 page 228
87.36% ""A solitude ten thousand fathoms deep
Sustains the bed on which we lie, my dear;
Although I love you, you will have to leap;
Our dream of safety has to disappear.""
08/12/2012 page 228
87.36% ""Action opens a possibility that is strange and unfamiliar: a world without limits; to realize at last fully what one is, what we are as humans. But this will not come about of its own accord. It requires summoning up our own dark forces, our fear, our hunger, our ideals: it requires action.""
08/12/2012 page 231
88.51% ""our dream of safety has to disappear.""
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