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Invasion by Robin Cook
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Nov 25, 08

Read in November, 2008

Invasion begins with a poetically dramatic two-page prologue in which an extremely advanced spaceship arrives at the edge of our solar system and comes to Earth, after which it initiates a scientific investigation into the nature and makeup of Earth’s life forms. From there it all goes down hill, as Cook’s impossibly intertwined characters get faced with the results of that invasion—including Beau, a promising college senior who dashes off two days later to become hired as the personal assistant of a supremely talented and wealthy technical whiz; Cassie, his live-in girlfriend who begins to wonder if he has changed; Pitt, Cassie’s previous boyfriend, who introduced her to Beau, his best friend; Sylvia, Pitt’s boss at the university hospital’s emergency room; Johnathan, a high school boy who was necking in a car parked on a lover’s lane when the alien spaceship did its thing; Nancy, Johnathan’s mother, a virologist at the university hospital; Jesse, a soon-to-retire black policeman who knows the secret combinations to the university labs because of past investigations, etc. I could almost live with the network of these characters except that they act in such unlikely ways throughout, while talking to each other in wooden dialog that is humorous in its absurdity.
There have been other stories of invasion by aliens; most of them are better than this one, which reads like a textual comic book.

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