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The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar
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Aug 26, 2012

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Read in July, 2012

reading this was a breeze cuz of the smooth language and usage of very illustrative metaphora that at places had made me just sit and marvel at the imagination created cuz of them like a hallucinogenic lunatic. perhaps i have a slight bias for beautiful metaphors and so excuse my exaggeration if there is any. anyhow the story pits two women from different social strata in the same household sharing similar lives. the beauty of the book for me lies in the fact that i made myself aware of the similarity of the pain, effort and the drudgery the women.have to suffer and endure to see their families through till the end. and social classes may perhaps only affect the degree of it for the women and they are forever open to the dangers of the same. perhaps that is why women are so imaginatively romantic regarding their loves or relationship becauae they see the harsh reality of daily drudgery at much more closer levels. and that is why i would overlook the tad bit of stretching which thrity had done while bhima was wooed by her lover and later, husband which i felt was veering towards a filmy tinge. [spoiler alert]besides i have seen also how manual or contract labour is always checked at security gates and the packages that they are carrying are thoroughly scrutinized which is nothing but an assumption which is in play here and which is that people from such backgrounds are given to stealing as they are needy for such things. it is this view in our society that prevents building of a relationship between the master and the servant and one is very quick to believe that a servant may have been responsible if anything is misplaced. and this similarly proved to be the downfall for bhima even as though she had striden only an inch towards achieving justice for herself. thrity could not.have devised a better ending other.than.that. a perfect commentary on social perceptions in our society

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