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Survival by A.M. Hargrove
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Aug 07, 2012

it was ok
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2.5 stars
I liked the beginning of the book. Maddie seemed like a strong athletic character and she seemed pretty normal. She didn't have parents, but she seemed fine. It was said however, that Maddie put up a wall around herself because she was afraid what would happen if she came to love someone. Maddie went through that when she lost both of her parents at a young age.
But then in came Rayn. No offense, but what was with his 'costume'? And his braids and stuff? What does that have to do with (view spoiler) and stuff? The writing was bearable, until you met more of Rayn's siblings. The way they talked was almost painful. It got really old, very fast. Very constipated. And Not just like Robert Pattinson trying to pretend he didn't have his native accent playing an equally constipated Edward Cullen (formal, much?!) When Maddie and Rayn talked to each other, confessing their love for each other over and over again I just wanted to tell them to shut up. Like most protagonists today, they get all mushy and naive once they find their 'true love'. Rayn talks about Maddie's hair for the billionth time, while Maddie is super flattered and thinking some major, lets just say, weird thoughts in her head. By the middle of the book, all these characters are acting like children, the way they talk. Then Rayn says like, "Oh Maddie, you are so beautiful and brilliant" blahness sounding so formal but then I just want to cover my ears whenever he says 'Maddie'. It just did not work for me somehow.

(view spoiler)
Maddie goes into complete Bella Swan mode. She is unbelievably clumsy (even though she runs marathons and plays soccer). She nearly burns the kitchen down trying to do anything, she can't clean anything up, can't drive a car, and spills stuff, and falls on people. That's like offensive! Are people seriously that uncoordinated? And she sounds like a 12 year old when she makes one of her comments about how she's really clumsy. Then of course everyone finds it HILARIOUS.
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
I was pretty neutral about the book until the last half of it. Wasn't sure how to rate it at first, but it didn't float my boat

(view spoiler) Okay, wacko and undeveloped. I'm not gonna stick around for Resurrection to find out.

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