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Biting Cold by Chloe Neill
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Aug 07, 2012

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Biting Cold picks up exactly where the last book in the series Drink Deep ends with Merit and Ethan on the road. The previous book sets up the storyline for Biting Cold as Merit and Ethan are frantically searching for Merit's best friend Mallory who has turned somewhat evil and is on the verge of creating total chaos and destruction. They have to stop her as soon as the can while dealing with their own relationship issues. Things are uneasy between the two of them after the tragedy that struck them in book 4, Hard Bitten. They don't quite know exactly where their relationship stands and with everything falling apart around them, it has to take a back seat until they can make sure that everyone will be safe.

This story was ultimately about the relationship issues between the characters in the book. Everything has changed after what has happened in the previous books and Merit feels quite lonely at one point. In a sense she's lost her best friend and the man that she's fallen in love with. But she manages to wipe the tears away and deal with the issue of trying to figure out exactly what is happening with the city of Chicago. She steps up and takes the burden when no one else will, putting herself in danger so that others will not be harmed. Her true character shined through with each problem that she faced which strengthened her leadership potential.

I found myself very frustrated while reading Biting Cold because the series just doesn't have the excitement that the earlier books in the series did. I know it must be very difficult for authors to keep their series exciting and tempting to the reader, but something needs to be done to add that back into this one. I found myself struggling to get through the book as some parts of it were slow and I put the book down several times. The characters and their actions frustrated me as well. Merit and Ethan's relationship have gotten to the point where it's now frustrating to me. I just don't know what to think about it anymore as there are times that I think Merit will be better off without him. Their relationship needs more stability and while I think it will come in the next book in the series, I'm not sure if I care anymore. I'm at the crossroads now when it comes to this series as to whether I will continue or just give it up. More than likely my curiosity will win in the end and I'll pick the next one up to see if it'll intrigue me. A change is coming for the characters of the series and perhaps this is just what is needed to add something exciting to it.
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message 1: by Deanna (new) - added it

Deanna Great review! I haven't read this latest installment yet, but I'm starting to think I should shelf this series until it's concluded. Then I might give it a go again. IDK. I'm at a crossroads with this series. Should I continue or not. I'm leaning more to the latter at this point in time. Sadly. :(

Bells Deanna wrote: "Great review! I haven't read this latest installment yet, but I'm starting to think I should shelf this series until it's concluded. Then I might give it a go again. IDK. I'm at a crossroads with t..."

Yeah it was a very difficult review to write. I just wasn't that entertained while reading it and while I loved Merit's character in the book, Ethan was just a big ole disappointment to me. :(

message 3: by Deanna (new) - added it

Deanna Oooh, I didn't know this series is about Merit only! If that is indeed the case then I'm no longer stuck on a fence trying to decide which direction to jump. I'm leaping off to a DNF series. *sigh* I really hate to have to add it there along with the Anita Blake series. Oh well...moving on. :(

Jaime You said exactly what I was trying to say in my review, except you said it so much better! I agree 100% with you. It took me 3 days to read this b/c I could not stay interested at times. I also felt like some of the "grey's anatomy"-esque monologues kinda of fell flat. (pg 130) I remember thinking, "blah, blah, blah" while reading instead of thinking that was awesome and then re-reading it to make me smile again. Anyways, I hope this is a build up to some bigger and better things to come. This was a mid-grade filler book in my opinion. But please for the love of humanity, I hope this doesn't turn into something similar to the last few books of the sookie series. Train wreck after train wreck. I had to quit those b/c they were so infuriating. Anyways, I digress. Great review. :)

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