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Just Ride by Grant Petersen
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Aug 06, 12

Read in August, 2012

Grant Petersen (Rivendell fanatic) shares his strong opinions about bicycling..

1) He hates bike racing and what it has done to cycling..her prefers to call himself an unracer.
2) He thinks bike helmets are ineffective in a crash and often just cause cyclist to have more confidence than they should and ride to aggressively. Grant Petersen goes without a helmet. He claims almost no cylist in the Netherlands wear helmets..and their rate of traumatic head injury is extremely low.
3) Petersen likes upright postured bike frames made of steel
4) Carbo loading is just makes us fat. Eat a lean steak, salad and some almonds.
5) Don't overhydrate. Just drink when you are thirsty.
6) Bicycling is terrible exercise..its sedentary and it is not a weight bearing exercise. Cyclist are known to have porous bones (my Orthopedic brother concurs).
7) Wear cowboy shirts with snaps, and cotton sear suckers and normal short and shoes on a bike. You don't need that tight lycra clothing.
8) Don't clip in..that was a carry over from fixed gear bikes with pedals that could get dangerously out of control and cycling on velodromes.
9) Mash pedals..don't spin. Petersen apparently has evidence that no-one really pulls the pedal up.
10) Shift less..use fewer gears. Rock the bike side to side when going up a hill.
11) No ride is too short for a bicycle.
12) Long training rides don't help your fitness..cycle for fun around town. Stop for icecream.

Petersen should be commended for having the courage to post his cycling opinions (he is clearly swimming against the tide concerning helmets (ask a neurosurgeon) and clipping into pedals.

I give this book 5 motivated me even more to try to make my Ritchie a commuter bike with a rack. But don't believe everything Petersen says...lycra shirts are good for fast rides, clipping in to pedals is safer, faster, and makes sense (we do it on skis), and you do need to eat on rides of up to 4 hours (Petersen wants you to ride on an empty stomach).

But 5 stars for Grant Petersen...he thinks outside the box.
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