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Insatiable by Meg Cabot
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Aug 06, 2012

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Read in July, 2010

I had a hard time rating this book, because you can't give half stars. I would have given this two and a half stars if I could, because it isn't quite a three-star story, although it does have its good points.

It's a vampire story, and it's a little different from the average vampire story, because it involves a romantic triangle - of sorts - with a vampire hunter thrown in for good measure. Plus there's a bit of history included about the life of Vlad Dracula, so if you like your vampire plots with a little more than just the average: "will-he-or-won't-he-bite-her" then this may be a book you'd enjoy.

The characters are well-written and multi-faceted people who are frequently conflicted about what the right course of action is. They are also often very funny. Particularly the main character Meena Harper - the object of everyon's affections - who has frequently very amusing inside-her-head running conversations with herself about the unbelievable stuff she finds going on around her. And, as someone who's job is to write for a daytime soap opera, she's pretty used to "unbelieveable" so going over the top for Meena takes some real doing!

The vampire is also an intriguing character, because he's conflicted too. He doesn't kill humans, and has decreed [as the Prince of Darkness] that none of the other vampires are to do so either, so he isn't really evil [although he does have some secrets, which I won't share to avoid spoilers].

The story is certainly creative and there is lots of excitement and twists and turns, some of which are predictable, and others that are surprises. There were two problems for me which detracted from my overall enjoyment of the book:

1) The plot got a tad over-the-top on the melodrama at several points and, even recognizing that that is the type of book this is meant to be, it was still a little eye-rolling for me. I would have like a bit less angst and a little more subtlety in how the story played out and how some of the characters behaved.

2) Towards the end there was an awful lot of back-and-forth in how some of the key characters behaved. It almost felt like the author couldn't make up her mind how she was going to end the book, and rather than deal with that indecision in earlier - pre-publication - drafts, she played out her ongoing thought process and potential options in the final book. I found that more frustrating than exciting.

Overall I enjoyed the book, because I liked the characters - even if all of them made me want to smack them across the face and yell: "Snap out of it!" at various points in the story. If you don't mind soap-opera-like drama, you probably will enjoy this.

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